Sunday, April 1, 2012

Australia joins list of countries warning against Israeli strike on Iran

More and more Western countries are joining a growing list of countries who are applying heavy international pressure on Israel to prevent it from attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities. The latest voice is that of the new Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr.

Several days ago, Carr phoned his Israeli college Avigdor Lieberman. This was the first telephone call between the two. Aside from the niceties of the first formal phone call, Carr took advantage of the conversation in order to warn Lieberman that an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities will have serious consequences.

Carr revealed the contents of the conversation during an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. “Our position is very clear – we counsel Israel against taking military action apart from any other consideration. It is not in the interest of Israel - I said that to the Israeli Foreign Minister when I spoke to him last week,” Carr said. Despite insisting he was concerned over an Israeli strike, Carr said a military operation was still only a “hypothetical solution.”

Source and more: Haaretz

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