Thursday, May 31, 2012

Look on the Bright Side

HT: Commenter at Absolute Truth


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this video.

Hashem always seems to reach out with such things for me to read or see, just when I need it the most.

G-d Bless

Anonymous said...

Stella, I so agree with you. What a day!! This will remind us/me... to always Thank HaShem for the most wonderful things He does for us, daily. Thank you for the video...

Baruch HaShem

Anonymous said...

Fabulous. I want to watch this every day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela, Hope you had a good day.

For me got some not nice news, re: my son. Some health problem. Why is it when I get something like that or bad news directly effecting me, I panic, I cannot pray, I just cry, is this with all people, I call up people asking for prayers, where is my faith when I need it most? This is one reason among a host of others, that I so admire the strength and faith of the Jews.

So much I have to learn, I disappoint myself, just when I think I have made steps towards Hashem, wham! something comes and I roll back to square one. I am not feeling sad for myself, I just wish my children to be happy and healthy. I even tell Hashem, that what has to come to y children and gtrandchilren in the way of sickness and stuff, to spare them and give it to me. Is this bad to do? I do not know, somethimes I get so confused. Then i hate me for losing faith, and being so shallow.
To Devorah, I owe you so much. Forgive me for airing here what I feel. I just hope maybe someone will guide and teach me.
Gosh, i better stop here.
Hashem bless you Dear Devorah and your family.
Hashem bless all who come to Devorah's site.

Hashem bless you Angela and yours.
Shabbat Shalom to each and all.
Am Israel Chai!

Stella c

Devorah said...

Stella, I think many people feel the way you do, you're not alone. When my kids have problems I tend to think that this is the life Hashem has planned for them, this is THEIR mission, and they are being tested, as we all are. We cannot live their lives for them, or suffer for them, although we do suffer along with them. But every person in the world has their own set of problems to get through, including our children, and all of this is totally out of our control. I am also someone who panics, but as my father always says ''this too will pass'' - which I think is a quote from King Solomon. Nothing lasts for ever, and all suffering has a cut-off point, and everyone is given their set of circumstances to get through.
Life is very hard, I don't know how we all get through it, but most of us do seem to survive incredibly tough periods here and there. Just reading the news today shows us how much suffering exists in the world and yet people seem to find the strength somehow to continue on.
I wish your son a refuah shelaimah, he should have a complete recovery very soon.

Anonymous said...



get "The Garden of Emuna"...would be perhaps the best book you ever read.

These cds are lifesavers:

Anonymous said...

Dear dear Devorah and Annonymous,
See... at least I am right in saying Hashem's Chosen are different than the rest of us. Devorah, much of what you have written is true and I know because I do a lot of listening to Rabbi's, and I read also, and then I think yeah, Hashem will throw a test to me and this time I shall be strong, but I am not when it comes to my children. They are both young men, but I still see them as children. I know they really do not belong to me, they and all others , we all belong to Hashem, children are just loaned to us, as we were to our parents. But I am weak when it comes to them. Devorah, I must say I gain a lot of strength from this site. HaSHEM walks here. I hope by saying this I am not doing wrong.
Annoymous, who ever you be, Hashem bless you. you people arejust special. Always knew that sinve I was a child. Now I know why... you are all His special special beloved.

Annoymous, I have the 'Garden of Emunah" and alsoalso 'The Trail to Tranquility" I read then I stop, because I get caught up with other things. My weakness is the internet, no = not for fun, just to go to sites like these, INR. Torahanytime.
Wanted to convert, could not go further, Guess Hashem's justs wants me to remain a Goy. I always feel I am on the outside- looking in- at you all His Chosen, with such longing. envy? nay, I do not think, I love Hashem's Chosen with a passion I even do not understand.
Thanks again, for your encouragement and your prayers.
Devorah, i will surprise you (please Gd), with a small gift.
Shabbat Shalom to all of you.

Stella c.

Anonymous said...

Stella: You seem to be such a lovely person, truly one of the righteous in the world. That is probably why Hashem is testing you; He tests the ones He loves. Wishing you and family good health. May we all merit the coming of Moshiach T'zdkeinu where we will have the perfected world, with no more pain and the knowledge of Hashem will fill the earth as the waters cover the seas. Anonym/B

Anonymous said...

Everybody has a mission - something they are to do to perfect this world. Maybe you aren't meant to be Jewish but to take your love for the Jewish people to the Gentiles you know and spread that love. Do not agonize over not converting. If I remember right you stated you couldn't move into a Jewish community. That is a big one and 100% necessary to become Jewish. Be a positive force for right in the world. Have faith in Hashem. Tell people you know about Hashem and spread the light. Have you checked out Noachide Nation?

May Hashem bless you with wisdom and bring your son a refuah shleimah. And remember, everything is a test.

Anonymous said...

Dear Annonymous the two last ones who took time out to be helpful to a total stranger,( Although, I do not feel a stranger here- even though I have never met any one face to face :))

Thanks so much, most of what you wrote saying I seem to be a good and righteous person, far from it. But let me tell yu whoever you both are, what you said, is encouragind me to become at least a try to be what Hashem expects from all the humans he created. I will try with Hashem's help to try and do just that.

I have been on Noahide Nations sites,but I find more inspriation and an attraction towards Orthodox Jewish sites.
To each and all I want you to know I will try to do my best and I remember each of you in my prayers. This is how I do it: I say to Hashem all who come on Drvorah's site, Please Hashem, bless each and all,and lead us all to do the right thing by everyone.

Hashem bless you anmd yours.

Stella c.