Friday, June 22, 2012

Solutions While You Sleep

I had a personal salvation this week, after several months of wondering why I was going through so much suffering - which was actually worse than anything I'd ever experienced before - and on Rosh Chodesh Tamuz I was given the answer via a dream - even though I didn't remember the dream, I woke up with the answer, just as I had prayed for it before I went to sleep.  Once I'd acknowledged it and dealt with it, the judgment on me seemed to disappear, and I felt so much better.

If something of great importance is transmitted to you while you sleep, you will wake up with it on your mind, and it is vital that you realize it for what it is, and act on it.  The part of our soul that ascends while we sleep can answer our deepest questions, so pray hard before you sleep for the answer, and if the time is right, you will receive it.

We have been taught that all suffering has a time limit, and if you are someone who is suffering through some kind of agonizing problem, know that it will end, and you will be given the solution to it eventually - the remedy is in your own hands, and Hashem will supply you with the answer if you genuinely want to rectify it.

This is known as a tikkun - a rectification - and the bigger the problem, the more likely it is that it is part of your life's mission to get through it and come out the other end, a better and stronger person.

Often the people we are drawn to are the ones who can help us fix ourselves, and sometimes we can also be the ones to fix them as well.  That is how tikkunim are achieved - some people have to meet simply for that reason, and therefore they are drawn to each other on some level, as their soul knows they have to work something out.  Soul attractions are real, not accidental.  We are magnetically drawn to those people who can help us find our way.  

This following piece of advice is from Shlomo's blog - A Perfect World Now

As the Vilna Gaon writes [Commentary on Jonah]:

“The main thing [to keep in mind, is that the purpose of reincarnation], is to affect the repair of a [negative] influence, originating in a previous lifetime...

[One way] to discern exactly what that negative influence is, is to reflect upon the type of wrong your soul yearns after the most, in this lifetime. That which you yearn after most, is likely something you became habituated to in a previous life.

And therefore pay attention to your vices. [They tell you exactly what you have to work on in this lifetime.] ...The main thing is, to repair that which one stumbled in in a previous [life] ...

That’s why some people are drawn after one type of sin, more than another. And that’s also why our Sages say, that one must continually judge himself, and weigh his actions..."


Leah said...

What a beautiful, spiritual post.

Devorah said...

Thanks, you always say the right thing at the right time :)

Anonymous said...

Believe me you, Devorah, that really really helped me too. This blog of yours is really helping me in so many ways. I am sure it is helpng a lot of others too.
Hashem bless you child.

Stella c.

LemonLimeMoon said...

Beautiful post Devorah.

Menachem said...

The remedy to our tests and hardships is exactly what the Torah teaches. Do the mitzvot, teshuvah, tefillah, tzedukah, limud Hatorah and help your fellow Jew (ahavas Yisroel). That is what Hashem wants from us and life becomes beautiful forever and ever. If you don't believe this, then don't ask why you have problems and hardships. It absolutely works -- we have a guarantee in writing. What specifically to work on: is exactly what you said, Devorah. Hashem lets us know what mitzvot we are deficient and still need to concentrate on for our tikkun. Thank you Hashem and give us the sechal to use the information You give us wisely to accomplish our purpose on Earth, tikkun.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Devorah for this post....and all your posts.
Feeling very drawn to learn the Truth about Torah, life, my life, and everything...
If HaShem is still allowing Lessons of Life to come my way... I pray there is still hope.... but when the Lessons stop coming, and there's no teaching I can hear to be able to rectify, then there's no hope.
I don't want HaShem to give up on me, but I need to hear and learn...and do what my Teachers are teaching.
Thank you.

Devorah said...

Hashem doesn't give up on people Angela. That should be the least of your worries.

Anonymous said...

For those who listen to, you may find the lecture of Ms.Iris Odan Elyashiv posted on: 19th June 12, one can go to `recent lectures`or type in the name.

I find her very informative and I love her teaching ways. Very gentle lady.
In this lecture she is speaking of this month.
Hashem bless you all. Angela, hang in there, Hashem will never leave us, we walk away, but He is always there.
Stella c

r.n said...

great post, I have been thinking of this recently. thank you!

Anonymous said...

“Why on earth would a world that shares your purpose present obstacles?” the Rebbe would demand. So there aren’t any obstacles. Only challenges. Challenges chiding you to show your stuff. Show that stuff and do what a Jew has to do, and those challenges themselves lift you on their shoulders, carrying you high.

On a human level, when my Rabbi reminded me that Hashem never gives us a test we can't pass, I joked back: I wish He didn't trust me so much! Actually, of course, we should see it as a privilege to be given big challenges . . . but to remember that in the middle of the challenge . . . so Hashem sends the Rabbi or someone else to remind us.

Moriah said...

"I had a personal salvation this week"

Thank G-d. Something I hope we all can look forward to. Awesome post, Devorah.

Chalom Ben simha said...

Thank you.

Chalom Ben simha said...

Kinda weird ! During the same night than yours, i dreamt about my father who passed his way some 15 years ago. we were on a highway, he was driving.

There was many people on the highway having accidents and fighting each other with a lot of anger, but he was driving around them and I felt like he was protecting me that way.

I was conscious that i was in a dream, so i asked him a brakha, and asked him the name of my zivoug. He gave me her first and last name. when i woke up i could only remember the first name, but it's a good start !

I think in moshiach times, there is an angel who takes care of you to go through this big event, and this angel is not always someone that you don't know. I pray that each of us has his own, so that we all can see moshiach very, very soon, and that he will come with good news for each of us.

Anonymous said...

To "Anonymous" - before Moriah's comment.
"So Hashem sends us the Rabbi or some-one else to remind us". Very true.
I'd like to share this with you.
Once, during a shiur, our Rabbi said the same thing.
He said: "Hashem never sends a person a problem that he cannot over-come". To which I asked "Rabbi, what happens when a person feels he/she cannot over-come the problem?". The Rabbi waited till you could hear a pin drop. Then he answered with a broad smile:
"Where does it say that you have to bear the problem on your own?!
That is [precisely] where the Mitzva of Ahavas Yisroel comes in. Hashem will always send you another Yid/Jew to help you!['bear the burden']!"
As Devorah writes:
Often the people we are drawn to are the ones who can help us fix ourselves.
And perhaps that is why I VISIT HERE EVERY DAY!


Anonymous said...

HOLDING ON!!! *;-)
Baruch HaShem!!

Joe said...

Todah Rabbah for the comfort and inspiration.....Devorah.
Build and support upwards......which is your G-d given talent.

Rabbi Yehoishophot Oliver said...

On the topic of the post:

Every night, while the person is asleep, the Neshamah rises[6] to the Heavenly House of Study, and if one so merits, it is taught the explanation that lies at the root of his Neshamah. However, the extent to which this will be revealed to him will depend on his actions that day; certain worthy actions will merit a revelation of one dimension of the Torah-root of his Neshamah, while other worthy actions will merit a revelation of a different and perhaps higher dimension, and so on—“measure for measure.”[7] This experience refines the Neshamah and raises it to ever-higher levels, at which higher and higher levels of understanding are revealed to it. The Neshamah may undergo this experience despite one having no recollection of it upon awakening.

From my post here.