Saturday, November 17, 2012

Massive Superstorm : Just the beginning

Australia: A damaging storm has turned "day into night'' in Brisbane, as lightning and winds brought down powerlines and left more than 6000 homes and businesses without electricity. Meanwhile, another severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for other parts of the state. Story:


  1. Typically they called this Super Storm " Shaz." I thought it was more like a "Sharlene." Bit of Aussie humour......yes with a "u" for all the novices. More big storms on the way.

    But nothing compared to what they are experiencing in our beloved Israel. May HaShem keep and protect all including the brave men and women of the IDF.

  2. Looks like Australia is comisserating with NY with a superstorm! Hope everyone is safe and sound. I tend to feel we Jews are getting a scare to up and leave the Golus and come home to Eretz Yisrael, even if things are heating up here.

  3. Extreme weather is the new normal. Yes, there is a natural cause for these events, but there is a spiritual message as well. We are living in the End of Days. That might scare us a bit--look at what is going on in Israel right now--but it should also give us hope.

  4. Yes, it is true. I hope and pray all those in Brisbane are safe and tehillim #'s 83 and 142 are important (all are) for the situation in Israel.

  5. Did the Australians vote to legalize same sex? If so watch out. U.S. Rabbis are saying hurricane sandy was because NY voted 2 legalize same sex marriages.

    1. No it hasn't been legalized here [yet].