Friday, January 18, 2013

Sydney: Hottest Day on Record

As fires burn around the country, Sydney reached 45.8 degrees [that's 114.4 Fahrenheit] - thankfully a cool change is expected this evening. Read more: Sydney's hottest day on record as mercury hits 45.8 degrees


  1. Noooooooo, not funny! Not funny! "Fry an egg on the hood of the car" not funny!!!!
    You will survive, Devorah!!!
    shabbat Shalom

  2. Not quite as hot up north.
    All records are being broken and the heat wave is also about to break with the much anticipated Monsoon finally arriving in tropical northern Australia. Fair chance that now we will cop a cyclonic season that will see cyclones head further south due to the warmer land and sea mass.
    Not that I am willing it...but it sure reminds me of my youth when the conditions were identical. Many a cyclone came down our way.Something to keep a keen eye on whilst praying for a reprieve.

    Shavua tov to a cool change.

  3. shavua tov. Devorah and Joe, I pray you will be safe.

  4. Todah rabbah Leah and Shavua tov from Down Under.

  5. got it! :)
    p.s. Last year we reached 108 F. I told people that I had been mowing my lawn and the clouds would move and it would feel like I stepped into a furnace. They retorted, "Well it was only that hot in the sun."
    I said, "Where did you think I was mowing my lawn? In my living room?!" Geeeez... :0

    1. Love your sense of humour, Leah.
      And, yes we spell humour with a "u" in Oz. Must be the sun stroke :-)

  6. I live in Arizona. 115F is nothing special for us. Stay out of the sun. Drinks lots and lots of water and you willbe fine.