Friday, May 3, 2024

Dubai #2

Dubai was again hit with record flooding May 2nd 2024.  This follows the recent floods on April 16.

Purple lightning again, just as there was in April.

In the first video you can see the purple flash

Sorry about the siren noise in this video, but it does capture the purple flash

Same thing in London, same day. Purple lightning.  No-one has seen purple lightning until recently. 

Purple = Atu.  Green = Napisiti.   Both of them cause severe flooding.  This is the weather system Hashem is using to flood parts of the world.  

and Qatar, same day.

Meanwhile, it's been raining here for days. We haven't had any lightning, just monsoon kind of weather.


Devorah said...

LondonMale said...

Yes, the thunderstorm hit us about 5.30 in the morning in my part of London.
It woke me up.
Was very powerful.

Anonymous said...

Here we are many hours ahead of you in the time zone. And this sky was seen by the residents of Brazil during the rains.
There is a huge overflow in several Southern cities here.
Follow the link to see incredible signs of the sky:


Devorah said...

Thank you M. That is a planet on top of the small patch of blue sky.
That is why it's gone dark, it's blocking the sun.

When you see countries flooding, it's always the planet system. Call it planets, call it a weather system, whatever you want to call it but these things are huge and they block the sun and flood the world.