Sunday, November 15, 2015

Why is Paris Burning? France, Napoleon, Islam and Alter Rebbe


Video from Jan 14, 2015 but relevant now

Why is Paris Burning? France, Napoleon, Islam and Alter Rebbe
a shiur by Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Note: for those who have limited time to listen, start at the one hour mark where it starts to get very interesting, although I strongly recommend hearing the entire shiur.  Also discusses the fall of Yishmael before Moshiach.

Beyond the immediate tragic events happening in Paris -- and the imminent threats around the world to Jews and all good citizens -- is there something bigger transpiring here? The best way to understand the here and now is to step back, lift ourselves above the fray, and take a birds' eye view of the unfolding drama. As always, placing things in the sweep of historical context, looking at the big picture, provides us with critical insight into the current frame and chapter, allowing us to forge a strategy and chart a direction going forward.

France and the Jewish people have a long complicated and tenuous relationship. The one time France is mentioned in the Torah is in the Book of Ovadiah [1:20], where it tells us how the Jews exiled in "Tzorfas" (France) will, at the end of days, prevail over their enemies and the ones that remained silent in face of their suffering, and how they will return to Zion. But until that happens, over the years, France has not treated Jews well. Some of the greatest Jewish massacres in the Middle Ages took place in France. In the 13th century King Louis IX expelled the Jews.

Then, during the Franco-Russian War of 1812, Jewish leaders disagreed about which side would be better for the Jews, with the Alter Rebbe supporting Czar Alexander I of Russia, because his victory would assure that the spiritual integrity of Jewish life would be preserved. Though Napoleon would provide Jews with greater freedom, emancipation and material comfort, France would also introduce a secular, self-made, anti-G-d attitude, which threatened to assimilate and all but destroy the soul of the Jews unprepared for the challenges of the modern world. Indeed, Alexander vehemently denounced the liberties given to the Jews by the French and demanded that the Orthodox Church protest against Napoleon's tolerant religious policy. He referred to the Emperor in a proclamation as "the Anti-Christ" and the "Enemy of God." Yet, the Alter Rebbe still supported Alexander! That was then; today, 200 years later, as France and the West became more refined, the Rebbe made it clear (in a talk delivered at the end of 1991), that we can now indeed engage, benefit from -- and transform -- the freedoms of modern society and thrive as Jews. And thrive we did. France has proudly experienced a renaissance of Jewish traditional life. Yet, the tenuous relationship remains. And now comes the latest Muslim insurgence into France and Europe, with the most recent attacks against French Jews and French citizens. What are we to make of all this? And what happens in France, history shows, affects the world. France clearly plays a central role and reflects the overall European Western world.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this eye-opening France/24 Tevet/Vaeira workshop and discover the hidden choreography behind today's events. Learn a fascinating Zohar (at the end of this week's portion) how at the end of days Ishmael will attack Esau (France and the West), and how it will impact the Jewish people. This and other inside "secrets" provides perspective to today's events in France -- and the world -- illuminating for us: why is Paris burning? Why is it, of all places, at the forefront of today's upheavals? And above all: After a long history of tension with its Jewish citizens, which of the two options will France -- and Europe -- choose: To make its peace with G-d and the Jews or to capitulate to the forces of Ishmael? The end, as Ovadiah assures us, will be victory. The only question is this: how will we get there and who will be on board?


Jennifer Ionescu said...

Deborah, thank you for your blog. Whenever world events cause me to fear I come to your blog for reassurance. There is always comfort here and reassurance that Hashem is watching over His world and cares for the people He created. May Hashem bless you.

Anonymous said...

And I second Jennifer Ioneseu, Only i come here many times a day, and every day.
Devorah, thank you, and Hashem bless you and yours and all who come to read and learn.

Mashiach soon please... Hashem!

12on said...

It takes only 100 terrorists to destabilise the entire Western Europe. Now with the coming of nearly 1 million migrants to Europe there are already tens of thousands of active terrorists joining the already millions of Muslims in Europe. Edom and Yishmael are heads on open confrontation, and weapons of nass destruction will fall into the hands of Muslim invaders. Europe couldn't expel the the Muslims from Europe as Spain did in the past as the solution to get rid of the demonic creatures.
The scenario unfolds as civil wars in Europe of.massive killings mainly the civil population. The cunning tactics of Yishmael will decimate Western Europe.
Jews of France still are not waking up to the reality that by staying there they will be the prime targets.
Edom just started bleeding heavily.

Anonymous said...

Or, as the Rebbe said, "Seek The Positive."

But, of course, if they choose poorly, that's their problem.

Meira Lettieri Kingberg said...

Napoleon also committed to returning Israel to the Jews if he won the campaign against the Ottomans. Sadly he didn't but he had a contingent of Polish Cavalry in the north ready to march to Jerusalem if he was successful and his proclamation was already written. He said he did this because of his understanding of the Bible.

Anonymous said...


Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the lessons

Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

Anonymous said...

I agree, and Deborah also has news that I can't find anywhere else. Thanks for all your efforts, Deborah! You are doing a great job.

Unknown said...

Prophetic Alignment or Wishful Thinking?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Anonymous said...

IS ABOUT THIS TIME, TODAY. AIR FRANCE STRIKES RAQQA, that have a population of 221 000
and is one of the headquarters of ISIS.

Russell Yushvah said...

A chilling video everyone must see. It was taken down on youtube, luckily it's still available. A MUST WATCH... a sad, sad situation that is coming to Europe... All for the best in the end I hope B'H

Devorah said...

That video is an incredibly horrific scenario playing out before our eyes. I think Devash had blogged it, but for some reason I didn't get to watch it before now. I am so thankful to be in Australia where we don't have anything like this [and please G-d we won't] - but I do have family in Europe, I only hope they get out soon. All Jews need to leave Europe yesterday.