Thursday, January 5, 2017

Moon and Venus - Wow

Photo: Pete Lawrence

Photo: Pete Lawrence


Neshama said...

Coming home last nite from a shiur, the moon I saw was lopsided. The usual shape of the sliver was on the bottom third of the round outline. It is usually on one SIDE or the other, not going from bottom to top. Either the moon was tilted or the earth is.

Anonymous said...


Not commenting about the moon and venus i saw it myself from my back yard.. It was beautiful to behold.
`Here is what if think you might enjoy listening too. The lady`s letter that Rabbi Y.Y.Jacobson shares is something to listen to and learn, still listening i am.. had to stop to share it with you.

If you feel its worth listening to, ( Rabbi Y.Y.Jacobson i have always admired, among many others too).Here it is:

Rachel said...

Oh, so it WAS Venus! I was staring at it last night and tried to take a picture with my phone but it didn't come out. It was so big and bright, I thought it might be Venus!

Devorah said...

This is very strange: not supposed to be a full moon yet..... but here is Full Moon in Wyoming Jan. 4

vincent said...

vincent said...

Neshama said...

More on the Moon
I found the angle of the moon changed, during the same night only with hours difference. First it was the top half of the moon that was bright, then the bright half moved to the side half, then it moved again to the bottom half of the moon.

Now, was that the Moon moving within its orbit, or was that Earth that moved, producing the oddity of the Moon? This was Lil Shabbat.

Another incident, also on Shabbat (Jan 1, either matzei Shabbat or Sunday Chanukah) was this aberration in the skies: - Watch at the .58 mark. Put on Mute and disregard the other “stuff”. It is worth watching. I would prefer to think it was Israel testing a new missile/defense system.

BTW I think S Olson has digressed into something I prefer not to watch.