Friday, September 8, 2017

Massive Quake Hits Mexico

A magnitude 8 earthquake off the coast of Mexico has sparked tsunami fears for much of Central America.

The shockwaves were felt in Mexico City, with buildings having lost power and people running into the darkened streets in their nighwear shortly before midnight local time.

Early reports suggest the city was shaken for as long as four minutes.

The major earthquake was recorded off the coast of Chiapas, southern Mexico, at a depth of 33km about 3pm AEST.

Tsunami alerts have been issued for the west coast of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras and Ecuador.

Source: News


Neshama said...

That’s where the Jews are, in Mexico City. Another message.

drbsd said...

everything ok overhere in mexico city BH. We are more worried about our brothers and sisters in florida and houston. Shabat shalom

Greater Monsey said...


Bambina said...

there was a strange lights in the sky before and during the earthquake

Devorah said...

DrBSD: are you near the damage?

Devorah said...

Bambina: those lights are called earthquake lightning.

Sara said...


Devorah, I live in Mexico City and Baruch Hashemall the Jewish community we are fine.


Devorah said...

thanks Sara, that's good to hear!