Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Date With Nibiru

It is a fact that Rav Moshe Sternbuch has said it is too early to speak about Nibiru [see video here by Rabbi Daniel Travis] and also Nir ben Artzi, when asked about Nibiru, replied that he is aware of it, but did not have any information to add, therefore he does not discuss it yet [see comments here].

I find it quite strange that if Nibiru is indeed going to show itself on or around Purim, that Rav Sternbuch would say it is too early to speak about it.  So I began to think that the proposed date of Purim, or even Pesach, would not necessarily be correct.

This comment was just posted on Nibiru: You Will Lift Up Your Eyes to the Sky and I am re-publishing it as a blog post, below, as it makes perfect sense.  The author of the text below is ''Daniel'', and the highlighted links are my own additions for clarification.  Thank you Daniel.

''Rabbi Travis the Tzadik did leave out some very important mekoros regarding "Nibiru" as the world calls it [Xena according to NASA] that explains it more fully including why the date of March 26 is completely false and will be altered soon.

It was all forecast 3,300 years ago by Bilaam the gentile prophet in Parshas Balak. דרך כוכב מיעקוב -- "When the star of Yaakov is on its pathway towards the earth" -- is that exact prediction. When the star of Yaakov is en route...then קם שבט מישראל... Mashiach Ben Yoseph will rise up.

The Ramak, Rabbi Moshe Cordevero, classically and clearly explains the Zohar on this key pasuk [Balak 212b] in such detail that he even draws a picture of how the star will look. Remember we used to play with Jacks? That's precisely what he drew. A star with several smaller bodies surrounding it with 70 rays of light streaming out of [Nibiru] connecting itself to each body surrounding the star. 
[and we can almost see this from Devash's photo here]

This display will be seen above the earth when he states that all will marvel at the following event: The rays of light will gradually [over 70 days] swallow each of the seven smaller bodies that will be absorbed into this Star [I believe this represents the seven continents]. 

The whole world will see this happen and will indeed panic but know this is from Hashem who is arranging this display because of us - Yaakov [Yisroel] since he had a family of 70 vs. the 70 nations of the world. 

I believe scientists and astrologers may attempt to explain it away as a "natural phenomena" saying it is either turning into a black hole or going supernova - but they will try to explain it away when it is anything but a "natural " occurrence. 

Immediately after this they will be overcome by Mashiach -- the True Star after the 70 days of viewing this heavenly display. 

The Ramak even gives the date: the 25th day of the six month כה׳ אלול  [Elul 25 -  since that was the date of creation, so HASHEM will begin this display just prior to a briah chadasha - new creation coming.''


Neshama said...

Devora, this is beautiful. And this is the first time I read anything on Nibiru that left me feeling it was spiritual. All the other things I read didn't do it for me. It's instinct, I guess. Bina. One thing, however, the counting is from Pesach, which brings us to 25 Elul. Makes logical sense. See, one does not have to be a science expert, but just connected to Torah!

Neshama said...

I just read your comment there, in Jerusalem Purim is on Friday not Thursday, which happens to be the good friday (sic) that you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

This was just posted on the Geula Watch group: from Rivkah Lambert Adler

Planet X and the Kosel
As heard from Rav Moshe Sternbuch shlita
Transcribed by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis

Tribulations Before Moshiach
During the past half a year we have spoken many times about chevlei moshiach, the tribulations that will take place before the coming of moshiach. We have experienced many tzaros this year, and we hope that we are in the midst of this tahalich, the chain of events which will lead to the geula. Yet as we have emphasized a number of times this will not happen automatically, and we need to do our part to make it happen.
In recent weeks there has been some discussion about Planet X, a celestial entity which will supposedly pass by the earth and have a great affect on this planet. Although I have seen write ups on this, I am not coming to confirm whether this is true or not. Much of this is guesswork, and no one can really know the truth or accuracy of such predictions.
This being said, I would like to present a tamtzis, a summary, of the words of the Zohar found in Parshas Shemos 6b. The Zohar speaks about the chain of events and tribulations that will take place before the geula; amongst them a star or planet which will pass by the earth. Although I am not in any way coming to confirm the accuracy of the above reports, we can use the words of the Zohar to strengthen our emunah, and to recognize that while these predictions may or may not be true, the concept of a Planet X passing by and affecting the earth before moshiach comes is certainly a possibility.

Anonymous said...

There is a letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe that squelches the idea that one need to wait for the 25th of Elul for Moshiach to come.

Also, see the holy Ohr Hachayim on "Darach kochav", it refers to Moshiach Ben Dovid.

Anonymous said...

How do you get 70 by counting from Pesach to Elul? Unless I misunderstood something.....

Devorah said...

Which letter are you referring to? I remember seeing a letter from the Rebbe which specified the month of Nissan for the redemption.

Neshama said...

I was replying to : "The Ramak even gives the date: the 25th day of the six month - כה׳ אלול [Elul 25 - September 28] since that was the date of creation, so HASHEM will begin this display just prior to a briah chadasha - new creation coming.'' As it appears in the above post. There are 6 mos between Pesach and Rosh HaShana, and in reverse. What that has to do with 70 I don't know. Why do you ask?

Anonymous said...

The Rebbe says all ends have passed, no need for any dates, such as 25 Elul:

איתא בזהר ש"בכ"ה יומין לירחא שתיתאה" (כ"ה באלול) – ולגירסה אחת יהיה זה "ביומא שביעאה" (ביום השבת) – יצא כוכב מבני-ישראל, כמו שכתוב "דרך כוכב מיעקב", ויבלע ויכלול "ע' כוכבין אחרנין", שרומזים על ע' אומות, ו"לסוף ע' יומין" יבוא משיח.

..עתה, בעקבתא דמשיחא, כבר "כלו כל הקיצין", ואין הדבר תלוי אלא בביאת המשיח, מתי שיבוא, ובהדי כבשא דרחמנא למה לך: לשם מה צריכים לעשות חשבונות, אם כן או לא, אם זה הזמן המתאים וכו'; כיון שאין הדבר תלוי אלא בביאת המשיח, הרי בטלו כל ההגבלות, כולל גם הגבלת הזמנים שעליהם אמרו שאין בן דוד בא, כמו ערבי שבתות, וכיוצא-בזה. אלא מאי, יש קושיא איך יתכן הדבר – הנה כשיבוא משיח ויתרץ כל הקושיות, יתרץ גם קושיא זו, ובכל אופן, אין שום עיכוב בדבר.

(מהתוועדות ש"פ ניצבים-וילך, כ"ה אלול ה'תשי"ג. תורת מנחם כרך ט, עמ' 1867, בלתי מוגה)

- See more at:

Anonymous said...

To further what the Ramak wrote which is out of print for many years which I have writes there:
"...During those 70 days the ruler of the Palace in Rome (Vatican?) will die." There is another Midrash contained in Sefer Beis Hamidrash (also out of print which I have) reveals that during that time "marauders" (terrorists) will attack and destroy the Vatican thereby allowing Mashiach ben Yoseph and his 30,000 tzaddikim with him to enter the Vatican and retrieve the many stolen items including the hidden kailim of the Bais Hamikdash (vessels) which includes the recovery by them of the holy flask containing tzintzenet Hamon - the last remaining sample of Manna that Hashem instructed Moshe to save for all time.
This retrieval will occur amidst the confusion caused by this 'Star of Yaakov' and I assume one reason for it which is to distract the world for Mashiach to embark on his divine Missions to accomplish the geulah Shilaima.
Again, for clarity sake. it first appears on the 25th of Elul where it will be seen only over Rome and then over the whole world which later disappears in the 8th of Cheshvan (while Obama is still in office!)

Anonymous said...

Since so many Noahides come to this blog, and do not read or speak Hebrew, could the above in Hebrew post by Anonymous, @3:48 AM, be transalated.
Thanks in advance.

Hashem bless all. Amen.

Devorah said...

There have been several predictions that Obama, the 44th President, will be the last President. I haven't yet found a Torah source for those predictions.

Anonymous said...

shalom Devorah,

Just sharing this with you.. he is incredible, if you think it helps.. here it is for posting... as you wish.. Hashem bless you and all who visit here.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant that Nibiru will disappear on the 8th of Kislev according to the Ramak's interpretation of that Zohar and thus there is 70 days from 25th of Elul thru 8th of Kislev.

Devorah said...

8th Kislev or 7th Kislev ? I counted 70 days and arrived at 7 Kislev [which just happens to be my birthday ! ]

Anonymous said...

I can only tell you what the Ramak writes...

Devorah said...

Well I'm not going to argue with the Ramak. 8th Kislev is okay with me.

Avraham said...

Those Meshichistim are talking nonsense.

Mashiach won't come unless we do tshuva, and if it happens that Israel won't do tshuva, HaSh-m will make it so bad that Israel won't have any choice but to do tshuva and then we will be redeemed.

Anonymous said...

Avraham I'm sorry you think that way.
That's not how HASHEM perceives.
You see, in His infinite wisdom built in a Ketz Ha'acharon, meaning a Final End date (if you must know it's in Elul- I didn't say what year ) by which time Mashiach must come. It's encoded in both Sefer Diniel and in Parshas Vayechi.
Talmud Sanhedrin 98 confirms this definitively.
However, you are right many will do teshuva as over a million have already singlehandedly thru the hands of Mashiach Ben Yoseph.

YNathan said...

It says in the Zohar that "on 25 days to the 7th month" (25th of Elul) - and in one version this will be "on the 7th day" (Shabbos) - a star will go forth from the children of Israel, as it states "a star shall go forth from Yaakov", and it will swallow and incorporate " 70 other stars", hinting at the 70 nations, and "at the end of 70 days" Moshiach will come.

Now, in the time of the heels of Moshiach, "all the end-times have passed" already, and the matter is not dependent on anything except the coming of Moshiach, when he will come. And we don't question the Almighty; what need is there to make calculations, if yes or no, if this is a fitting time, etc., since the matter is not dependent on anything but the coming of Moshiach, so all the limitations are gone, including the limitations of time, when they said "Ben Dovid doesn't come" on Erev Shabbos and the like.

Just that there is a quedtion, how could it be - so when Moshiach will come he will answer all the questions, and will answer this for one ad well. In any event, there is nothing delaying this matter.

Devorah said...

SC: Yaakov Nathan kindly translated the Rebbe's letter for you. Thank you YN.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Devorah for the note. I am grateful. Hashem bless you and yours.

Yaakov Nathan, thank you for the trouble you have taken to translate, so that many like me could read.

Hashem bless you.

Hashem bless all who come to read and learn from these great Jewish blogs.
I know i have been helped a lot.
Thanks once again.. Devorah..

Gil said...

Avraham, as above comments, is right concerning Mashiach, who won't come until Yisrael (more precisely the remnant of Yisrael left after the great tribulations of wars of Gog and Magog) does repent through teshuvah.
Concerning Devorah, the blog host, she is the reincarnation of the ancient Devorah that came along all souls who lived on earth in order to be judged during yom hadin.
There are signs among Klal Yisrael of willingness to unconditionally surrender to Hashem.
This year we shall see mega confrontations among world powers and acts of extermination done by the demonic army of Muslim migrants flooding Europe.

Anonymous said...

To Gil, How did you come to the conclusion that Devorah, the blog host is the reincarnation of anccient Devorah?

Perhaps she might.. but how do you state this as a fact? or are you just saying this.
Thank you.

Devorah said...

All Devorahs have a spark of the original Devorah. But that's as far as it goes. Let's not get carried away. Thank you anyway Gil, I appreciate your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Aw.. Devorah, i was hoping it could sort of be confirmed that YOU are the reincarnation, because a lot of what you share on this blog, is so beautiful and touching souls, well it does mine.
Perhaps you are. Then this is so much more meaningful, i mean your lovely blog.

also i was wondering if i would have a spark of some one nice.. i know we are sent back to make remedies from previous lives, i do believe that, but not sure if its also for those not Jewsish.
Perhaps will pose this to some Rabbi.
Devorah you are special...

Hashem bless you and yours.

Gil said...

The ancient Devorah was preoccupied with the coming of Mashiach believing in the time of renewal of the world, The End Time Devorah since young was convinced she will meet Mashiach. She may be even aware she met Mashiach ben David already, thus participating in the unfolding of Geulah process.
In the generations of Mashiach many people become aware of who they are, that including the gentiles as well.
To sc: Although you are born in the non-Jewish world your soul may be Jewish (relevant Rabbis support the idea). By you following the Jewish spirituality there is a clear connection you have to Klal Yisrael. Start learning Hebrew, then you will understand better your soul.
The time of publicly unveiling who we are as reincarnated souls is yet to come. Suffice just to be self aware.

Anonymous said...

In the lost book of enki we are given lots of info about nibiru. Lots of info is given about the time of adam until abraham. I wonder if this may be the mysterious lost book of the wars of god quoted in numbers 21.

george said...

Halleys comet is nibiru ahhhh. A shar people think is 3600 years. They are wrong. Its 75 years.

My1ambition said...

The Rebbe explained many times that every moment is opportune for Moshiach's coming. Even when it doesn't seem opportune. The Rebbe bring a proof from the Ikarim of the Rambam that "I will await his coming each and every day... Even though he may tarry, I believe"