Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Rebbe's Blessing

Seen on Facebook:

The Rebbe's Blessing

and then there's this:


sc said...

That was so nice for whoever put it up.
Thanks for posting it here Devorah, as i am not on FB.. got off it long ago.

I think I shall make the effort to go there myself.. It would be good for me..
I shall daven about this.. AMen.

Hashem bless you all.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the mass hysteria I am reading all over the internet with a lot of famous people crying into their teacups over the Trump win. They are all deluded! They don't realize they have been saved from a dreadful scenario that would have played out if Hillary had won. What is wrong with everyone today? I think they are all brainwashed to the EXTREME and no longer know how to tell good from bad or right from wrong. Mandy

Anonymous said...

Wow!The second picture is priceless! Would make a great bumper sticker or T-shirt.

Kol hakavod

Anonymous said...

Devorah, the second picture is really priceless, I laughed as I do not laugh for years.
Send this second picture to my dear Mr Bibi, tell him that you were asked to send "with the greetings of his Brazilian friend", he knows who I am. Thank you by the pic, unpayable, it was a wonderful way to celebrate the victory of God's bulldozer. Let s see from now on ...