Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What this Election is Really Saying to the Jews

Rabbi Pinchas Winston

A new shiur from Rabbi Pinchas Winston

Video has now been put up and can be watched below.


Anonymous said...

I had a dream several years ago. I dreamt of an elephant and a clown, it was a very significant dream but I did not know its meaning. Now I believe that dream was a prediction of Trumps' victory, the elephant is the Republican logo and the clown is Donald himself. Yes I believe he will win, in spite of the polls saying otherwise. I just wanted to document that dream here. We still have some hours to go before the outcome will be known. JG

Anonymous said...

Devorah wish you had set up something for your followers to see..
who wins who loses..
But thanks anyway.

eyes glued to news..

Devorah said...

I don't know how to set that up, I'm also watching the news, and I think this is the first time an Australian TV station has devoted the entire afternoon and evening to the US election.

Anonymous said...


I think Trump is winning... he will be good for Israel and and and .. for those who want good to win.. Amen

Anonymous said...

Wichever way it goes let's a daven-pray that the out-come will be good for Yidden-Jewish people.
Histry has shown that when things go wrong in the world-scene we are the scape-goats, chalila, chalila - Heaven Forbid.

It may also be timely to actively pray for the Ultiate peace in the world - more so now than ever before in the history of Mankind.
Pray that peace and friendship should prevail and that evil will be banished from the world forever and forever.

With our voices lifted in unison to the Master-Planner of World Events we should all
set aside a moment to reflect on our future and the Ultimate Destiny of the Davidic
Dynasty. Pray for Moshiach to come NOW!

Devorah, please...

What significance does that date have in the Hebrew-Jewish Calendar?

Devorah said...

From Chabad Calender:
7 Cheshvan
Last Jew comes home (2nd Temple Era)
During the Second Temple Era (circa 230 BCE), Cheshvan 7 was the date on which the Jew most distant from the Holy Temple -- who resided on the banks of the Euphrates River, a 15-day journey's distance from Jerusalem -- arrived at his homestead upon returning from the Sukkot pilgrimage. All Jews would wait for this before beginning to pray for rain. Cheshvan 7 thus marked the return to everyday activities following the spirituality of the festival-rich month of Tishrei.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2.05 PM
Eyes glued to screen.. yes,.

heart looking up to Hashem..
Now that is not bad eh?

Anonymous said...

Oh.. and its through this 'STUPI BOX" that i have managed to come closer to Hashem. B'H/
and to terrific blogs like Shirat Devforah.

So Todah, Hashem for STUPID BOX..


Neshama said...

Some recent updates for all. IY"H : from YWN "Wow. Who would have thought it? It looks like it will be a take all for the Republicans. Trump has the lead in both the electoral votes as well as the popular vote. He leads in the popular vote by some 2.3 million votes. And even though Hillary won California, she is still behind. The Republicans have a majority in the House 180-120. It looks like they have the senate 47 "

annie said...

YES, Devorah, thank you so much for your blogs... you're such an encourager for Moshiach.... May he come in our very day, and OUR eyes are able to see this wonderful change HaShem wants mankind to experience for the first time in history... His Great Name being lifted up, humanity living in peace and harmony, the world, the universe ringing out HaShem's Praises and Him pouring our His Peace to all of mankind... Please HaShem, may your Great Will be done .... for all Jewish People who love Your Great Name... and to the noahides who leave avodah zarah... to follow the One GD Who's Great Name is One...

Neshama said...

Heres live results:

Anonymous said...

Yes Annie,, yes.

You have such love for Hashem... Bless you.

Hope i can reach to where you are already..

i also like to include a lot of other good people too... there are them too..

Hashem knows each heart..
Bless you Devorah, Bless you Annie..

annie said...

Bless HaShem forevermore!!!!
He is so Good... *:-)

Neshama said...

Rabbi Winston Shlit”a looks very holy in this photo. Thanks Devorah. I posted his printed version of comments about this election, There are only two options. The Rabbi is very perceptive. I enjoy his writings so very much.