Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Trumps

Well done Donald Trump!  Amazing news - the man with the gematria of ''Moshiach ben David'' - has won the US Election: it must be a sign for us that the times of Moshiach are very near.  [and an update: he will be the 45th President of the US.... 45 is the gematria of Geula - thank you Yaak for that info.]  I'm sure Ivanka's davening at the Rebbe's Ohel didn't go astray either.

Rabbi Mendel Kessin called it, as you would know if you listened to his ''21st Century'' shiurim, and he also said that Trump would rebuild America.  Whether he will get a chance to do so, or Hashem has other plans, remains to be seen.  

It is an irony that stock markets around the globe took a very sharp down-turn as Trump's victory became kinda obvious.  Investors wanted a Clinton win, people are nervous, Hillary was their safer opinion.  And the polls got it totally wrong - as we know, blessing comes to that which is hidden, and Trump's popularity was ''hidden'' - seems that people gave the indication they would be voting for Hillary, but when given the privacy of their polling booth, they actually voted Trump.

And in the year 5777 Trump will be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old on his first full day in office.

It's going to be a wild ride from here on.

P.S. The date is 9 November which here in Australia we write as 9/ 11.  


Anonymous said...

i love how the vice aprez gave thsnks to Gd..
that is so gooood .

Devorah said...

Neshama: not sure what you're watching but I've been watching Trump give his acceptance speech for a while now. I think Israel may be a bit delayed in their news ??

Anonymous said...

Devorah, i was so happy to hear the elected take Gd's Name, that i just commented and only now read your words of Trumps win.

you explained so well.
All you wrote is true when one thinks.. and you gave me lots to think about

Thank you Devorah, you are Awesome:)
and one more thing, thanks for never putting anyone down, Jew, Noahide or Gentile.

There are a few other blogs too that do not put anyone down.

That is whatthe world needs for people to bring kindness and love to all humanity in a hurting world that needs this so much.

Hashem bless you mighitly for this.

For i whole heartedly belive that only Hashem knows each o es inner thoughts and hearts.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't Vice Pres but it was "Reince" Priebus he's an American attorney and politician .Don thanked him and called him up to mic. His comment was "Thank G-d!"

Reince Priebus: "Ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the United States, Donald Trump! Thank you. It's been an honor. God bless. Thank God."

Donald Trump wins 2016 presidential election: victory speech, full transcript

Devorah said...

And just check this out:

Anonymous said...

oh.. Anon at 8.19 PM, thanks for correcting me.

Gd bless you..
see, i am also hard of hearing, but do not like hearing aids.. so thanks again.

I just get so happy when i hear anyone thank Hashem , but especially those on the world stage , when they give thanks to Hashem. .

That was another reason why I loved President Stephen Harper.
May he be blessed always.

Hashem bless all who cone to this blog.. Amen

mwilliams66 said...

Do I need to explain to a fellow Anglophone why that headline is an amusingly bad choice of words?

Or will you get wind of it eventually?

Anonymous said...

do not get your hopes up on trump. he was chosen by the wicked bunch to be president and not anybody can run for position because there is no such thing as freedom of the people. the wicked ones wanted this to be the outcome and the people have no rights... it is all hooked remember that. me can truly assume that trump is at least not as bad as the rest of them are; he is a pervert but not a murdering monster. anyways... they will soon have to enter their bunkers and soon none on this will matter and me caught a picture of the star yesterday during sunset and it is hard to see it because the star does not shine. the star is an orb of some kind with a giant hue and there were 2 planets and a moon in my picture and this is the facts.

Stuart Tepper said...

This is sort of contradicts, Rav Winston's reasoning!

Devorah said...

mwilliams: yes you will have to explain. although bloggers do have a free reign on words.... no boss to report to, so to speak.

Devorah said...

Stuart: I have to admit that I have not yet listened to Rabbi Winston.

Devorah said...

Yaak has just informed me that: Trump is also going to be the 45th POTUS, 45 being the gematria of גאולה - Geulah.

mwilliams66 said...

Wait. You don't know that trump is slang for flatulence?

Weird. I thought you were Australian.

Trump Triumphs would have been a better choice. But you weren't to know.

Also, SC, the leader of the Canadian government is the Prime Minister. Not the President.

Devorah said...

I have never heard the word trump used in that way. It's definitely not Aussie slang. As far as I am aware, to trump means to win, generally used in a game of cards. I guess that pretty much sums up the state of the world right now.

Devorah said...

But I do agree with you that ''Trump Triumphs'' would have been a better choice.

Devorah said...

Here is an excellent article from Daniel Greenfield [Sultan Knish blog] - American Uprising

Anonymous said...

B'H, he's definitely the better choice; also not a politician and, of course, the rest is self-explanatory. The main thing is that most of the population showed H' that they want their country back with its basic foundations and principles. He might turn out to be like Koresh, melech Paras, that helped the Jews rebuild the Beit Hamikdash; in other words, he might lead us to the Geulah and thus usher in MBD. This might save the US as it has always been basically a medinah shel chesed, because so much of the rest of the world is in trouble with the Ribbono Shel Olam. There is much cleansing to be done in all the four corners of the earth. May the geulah come with rachamim al kol bnai Yisrael and the righteous of the Olam.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy..

My excuse, is that i was/am extremly tired.. kept awake watching the "stupid Box' to see who would win..
Yes, Prime Minister Stephen Harper..shame on me.. and i am Canadian!!..
Thank you,mwilliam66..

Should not write when tired.. eh?

Devorah that article by Daniel Greenfield, i read, he has a wonderful way of putting things in true perspective.

In the end... everything is in Control,, not by humans, but Hashem.. that is good to keep in mind all the time..
Ok.. still to wait and see how Hashem pulls the ropes. For Hashem IS in control.. B'H.

Anonymous said...

45 = אדם


Anonymous said...

I checked the electoral count and if the three states go as they are leaning, it's going to be 306 for Trump and 232 for Clinton. I thought this was interesting because if that's the case,

306 is kippur - כפור

which is ki-pur, like Purim.

The covered כ-פ-ר uncovered, the hidden revealed, and all turned about.

ונהפוך הוא

And Hillary turned into the blessing:

הברכה - 232

Wouldn't that be something.

Anonymous said...

45 President = 9

Year 2016 = 9

EMES (Truth) = 144 = 9

CHESED (Kindness) - = 72 = 9

CHAI (Life) = 18 = 9

Aryeh (Lion [Judah]) in Gematria = 216 = Gevurah (Might).

Ayin Hora (Evil Eye) = 405 = 9

The letter "TET", which resembles a womb, equals 9, corresponding to the 9 months of pregnancy.

This is the secret of the “pregnancy” and “birth” of Mashiach (the quintessential leader of Israel) from the 1st of Av (the beginning of his 9 day pregnancy) to the 9th of Av (his birth). He then fully unites with the consciousness of the people, “in matrimony,” on the 15th of Av.

As is said (Psalms 89:3): “the world is built with [by the power of] Chesed.” 3 x Chesed corresponds to the building of ALL THREE Temples, who are all contained and find their eternal consummation in the Third Temple, to be built speedily in our days by Mashiach.

Letter Shin - "Shin" "Yud" "Nun' = Alternately, if the letter shin is spelled out, its gematria is 360: shin = 300, yud = 10, nun = 50. There are 12 months in a year. The average month is 30 days. 12 x 30 = 360 (=9). Thus the atonement of Yom Kippur (where "Shin" = 360) has an effect on the entire year (which has an average of 360 days)