Monday, April 27, 2020

The final war - What has been is what will be - The fall of the new world order

Rabbi Alon Anava - live

With no doubt we are heading towards the redemption. But on the way there will be a force, an evil power that will do anything to stop it... You need to WAKE UP and recognize who we are dealing with and what is their agenda!


Real News said...

Here are the footnotes from Rabbi Anava's lecture.

Leah said...

This was a major shiur. Lots of information. Amazing to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Shalom, I am listening to Rabbi Alona Anava's lecture, on "The final war", in some parts he mentions sorts of demons who live under the earth, and were created by (?), to look a bit like humans. Please, i just want to understand, if anyone can explain a bit or direct me to read to understand what he says, as I have listened to many lectures of Rabbis, and always heard/hear, that Hashem created everything...

If Hashem created everything, then that would mean he also created these demons. And also i have heard in lectures, that there is no 'devil', that there is the yetza hara, who is also a creation of Hashem, created to help humans to choose good or evil, like they put the temptaions before us. And because Hashem has given us humans free choice, we choose.
Okay.. i understand that... buyt now, 'demons' etc;, then that would mean that Hashem createdf them too??

Very confusing, please, please help me understand. I am a follower of Hashem only, one could say i am Noahide, i follow the 7 laws, or am trying my best to follow, and i listen to Rabbis, and i do teshuva and try to change for the better. Please can someone explain what Rabbi Alona Anava means. I respect him, and have listened to his lectures before, but this one, is confusing me.
Thanks to anyone. And God bless all. Amen.


Devorah said...

There are demons, but we cannot see them. There are many things around us that we cannot see. I'll try to find something on the internet to explain more.

Devorah said...

In Hebrew they are called ''sheidim''. You really don't need to worry about this, no idea why he's even talking about it.
See here:

ZA said...

Rabbi Mizrachi did shiurim on demons
Part 1
Part 2

The Christians call the satan (angel of death) aka Samael the devil. We don't He's also Esau's guardian angel. R Anava was probably explaining in a way non-jews understand. The satan does not have free will, but the luciferian nwo types who worship him. (and many Christians) think he does and are therefore idol worshippers for that mentality.

ZA said...

Because He was pointing out that NWO types, who worship the satan, also use demons and summon them and other sitra achra forces with pagan rituals to carry out their nefarious plans. They erroneously think if they "make a deal with the devil", they can bribe their way out of gehinnom.

Anonymous said...

Shalom again....

Devorah, i thank you and will check out what you have written there, bli neder, and I thank you too ZA, and will check out too what you have posted. bli neder.

The lecture was/is very interesting, even if its long. I will be hearing it again, after i check out the sites, posted by you lovely guys, and i am sure i will understand more and better. Amen.

Hashem bless you both and yours.

A grateful..


ZA said...

R Zitron also did a shiur

Anonymous said...

No need to talk about it, We have to find a ways how to be closer to Hashem, but this way we detach yourselves from Him, constantly pay attention on other powers. All our gedoley hador knew about it and never pay attention to it. It is a CHOSER EMUNA.

Leah said...

.....bribe their way out of gehinnom .. interesting perspective.....
Yes, important to focus on our teshuvah. We are quickly getting to Moshiach's arrival and need to work on our character traits as this is one aspect of our tikkun and fulfillment of our individual mission and all of this impacts our am's mission....

lisa said...

Rabbi Anava said it very quickly...there is another civilization that lives in the earth.From what I've heard in lectures from other Ravs, this civilization is advance of our civilization and God had promised not to destroy them in the Mabul/flood during Noah's time on condition that they go underground and do not show themselves to humans. Throughouthistory -Periodically,they do come out , to above ground, and are spotted by humans.

Shalom Gad said...

i dont know if youll publish this comment or not but i think its imp to your readers to read this
there are no sources in the Ari hakadosh or any kabbalistic works to any nwo
but if youll do research on the orgins of this theory youll see that it started in late 1800s and was written as a fictitious tale that the author later laughed about himself god forbid to think that the satan has power and is at war with god thats greek mythology.
no gedolei hador have ever mentioned such a thing
regarding the beings that live underground as the chesed lavraham states the source is in zohar chadash and they arent demonic at all in fact they have no connection to our world except for some instances
its extremely imp to learn these things from a Rav with masoret
furthermore i was flabbergasted how the rabbi mentoned the angels name when is known amongst all mekubalim from the Ari hakadosh a huge prohibition to mention the angel matats name
there is much more to say about this much..... but i can not do so in a comment. I only watched the video because a person in my kehilla went ballistic talking about the NWO and became very paranoid
with much respect

Anonymous said...

nonee: Everything is from H'. The good, bad and the ugly. All these creatures are from the impure side and as Anon @5:17 pm states, we should not pay attention to these powers. They are the evil ones, all created by Hashem, Creator of Everything. The non-Jews are misled by believing that lucifer or whatever they call him is a separate diety, chas v'sholom. The samkel is the angel of Esav. He is the one always pursuing the righteous to do evil. This should be clarified to everyone.
Since this was such a long shiur, it gets a little difficult to make everything clear to everyone. We are always being tested by the Almighty so we must be careful not to ever fall into the trap of the evil side.

ZA said...

@Shalom Gad -- Yalkut Meam Loez mentions the seven earths "Bresheis 3:10" Eretz, Adama. Gey, Nashiya, Tzia, Arka, Tevel. It specifically metions in "Gey"--the third habitation contains light and flames that are channeled into gehinnom and there are angels of destruction (malachei chabbla) / mazikim under the direction of Samakel-and these are the destructive forces that harm those who make sins. I've seen rabbis use terms like mazikim and sheidim interchangeably; it really doesn't matter l'maaseh.

Anonymous said...

Todah, Annonymours at 2:07AM. I much appreciate your help too in me trying to understand, things beyond my Noahide brain.

I thank all who have reached out to help. I have read all comments and also from Shalom Gad Lshem, and my brain quickly wished to go to ponder over that too.

But i will not, and just go and daven directly to Hashem and do what i need to do as a gentile, and consecrate being the best person for where Hashem put me. And yes, do teshuva... Amen.

So, Hashem bless each and all of you and yours.

with appreciation, i am..

a grateful

ZA said...

Regarding sources for NWO; old concepts are repackaged with new names. Look into medrashim into Armilus, etc. and one can find the connection.

Margalit said...

I don't expect this to be published, but I have to concur with Shalom Gad. The rabbi is correct that there's something very rotten in this 'smart' society that us being foisted on us. However, like anything in Hashem's world, technology can be used for good or for ill. If it wasn't 5G, the governments would find another way to spy on us (I'm in Europe and our civil liberties have been eroded for years by various means). To conflate the use of 5G with spurious comments about its alleged 'physical' effects on the body shows a lack of technical understanding.

We know there's something afoot with Gates and several other reshaim, but as Shalom Gad notes, one has to be very careful to provide evidence and most importantly, sources. If a rabbi gave a shiur that was without sources and references to the mesorah, we wouldn't take it seriously. The same is true when a person makes assertions about science. For instance, all of these claims - chemtrails, vaccines, man-made viruses and metals in the body allowing us to become 'human antennae' can all be refuted. And as for the 9/11 section, I'm sorry, but thousands of people died chas v'shalom and as yet, no one has been able to 'prove' it was anything other than terrorism. The Arab world definitely celebrated with great simcha.

There's a huge need to alert everyone about the End of Days and this site does a tremendous job in posting invaluable material. But lectures have to come from reputable Torah AND non-Torah sources. The rabbi is famous now, baruch H";). After all, we're instructed to follow the wisdom of the gentiles, if it's true. A bunch of half-baked, inaccurate conjectures detract credibility from a vital message.

Miriam said...

I think he mentioned these things to open up people's perspectives on some of the true evil that exists that most don't know anything about or figure it's all part of the past as well as more of the secret parts of the world which is talked about in some books and lectures but not extensively because it shouldn't have much or any impact on our lives and missions in this world. When the world is about to undergo a huge change though, these things start to matter. Expect to see a different world emerge, perhaps with new beings, either on the side of evil or on the side to help us. Part of him talking about various subjects was to give us a glimpse of the world of truth/emet behind the mask of falsehood/sheker. There is so much unknown but it will all be revealed soon. No one should be shocked or fooled to join the wrong side when seeing illusions or strange things. He didn't shock me with anything except for the fact that he actually talked about a lot of these things. As others said, all evil is still controlled by Hashem. Ein Od Milvado! Use this eye opening lecture as a tool to get ready and be exited for the next step. Expect major so-called truths that are universally believed to be shattered to pieces when they are shown to be full of lies.

efraim yochanan ben Avraham said...

Chazak Baruch rabbi Anavah

Devorah said...

Shalom Gad, I agree, as fascinating as it may be to discuss these things it is open to exploitation and confusion. I repeat what I said right at the start.... why is he talking about demons? [etc] These are advanced topics and you do need to learn in a 100% kosher setting, not from You Tube.

Devorah said...

There is one commenter who was not published, and you know who you are, and I also know who you are even though you are now anonymous. The reason why you were not published, although you had some good things to say, is because you continually send in comments that say negative things about me. Just as i don't publish lashon hara about others, I also don't publish lashon hara about myself, even if what you say is untrue, it is still a form of lashon hara. Next time you have something to say, try not to insult me at the same time and your comment is more likely to appear on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Talking about angels and demons, why not aliens? Same common root, so to speak. We're all talking about the same thing.

And today the United States has recognized and made public some UFO videos captured by the Navy in 2004 and 2015. In one video, an elliptical ship appears and in another, a small ball that moves quickly.
Whether they are the inhabitants of this 'world' Gey, or whether angels are circulating, I do not know. But surely our ancestors saw constantly, so much so that they were often horrified when they saw angels. And they recognized when they were.

Here in Brazil, Rabbi Avraham Chachamovitis gave many classes on the subject, understanding the teaching of Kabbalah in a kosher manner. His work can be found in English here

I focused more on this subject in my post because it is something that has always really attracted me. And I have always seen a connection between UFOS, angeology, portals, worlds and underworlds. I see today that it is real and doable

Anonymous said...

All this talk about how the NWO is the sitra achra, and Sheidim, and Luciferian practices and Bill it really relevant? All this speculation and information has no cohesion. What IS important, especially now, is how events are understood in terms of the DIVINE AGENDA. We know that the end will be a time of CHOSHECH, just like in Egypt. Does it matter whether this intense spiritual darkness comes in the form of a virus, or Belinda Gates, or George Soros, or 5G? By the way, my husband is an electrical engineer who specializes in that stuff and, since 5G is more efficient, it is actually less impactful!

Rabbi Mendel Kessin's shiurim are more helpful, in my opinion They streamline our understanding showing us how to see how every event in context of G-d's Agenda, that objective: to bring the Redemption. Unless events are seen through that lens, it is gobbledygoop. CONTEXT is critical.

Devorah said...

Totally agree with you

Anonymous said...

Anon @12:46 am and to the others. Rabbi Anava's video was quite clear and correct. There is no doubt of a nwo agenda. In reality, this goes back to Nimrod, that's how far back this goes. Now at the end times, all the ancient evil doers have been reincarnated for the last time. Everything that I heard the Rabbi say is correct. This is all part of the Geulah process leading us to the eventual Gog u'Magog war when the nations come up to Yerushalayim to war with G-D and His people and where all evil will be done in. This battle against the Creator is millenia old. We, as Jews, do not dwell on demons and the like, as all this is part of the impure side. We are on the 'pure' side.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we are doubting that what he says is true, but surely it's old news, we all know this stuff and have known it for a long time. Fed up of hearing about Bill Gates and all the other would be NWO evil planners. Talking about them is just giving them more energy. Prefer it when he talks about holiness rather than evil.

Anonymous said...

Anon @3:22 pm - The reason we have so many different rabbis lecturing is because each one has his own way of giving over knowledge and information. There are the rabbis that will go deep into the Talmud, those who go into kabbalah and those who just give over the events that are occurring because these times are definitely not your normal times and they obviously relate to the redemption. This Rabbi happens to connect the dots for everyone to see how it all fits in. All this is holiness, as the Geulah Shleimah is the greatest event for the Jewish people and the rest of world and not since Creation itself or Matan Toraseinu, was there such an event that we hope will come with great mercy upon all Jews and the righteous of the world.

Anonymous said...

Shalom Gad, even assuming there's no sources in zohar/kabbalah re: NWO, why not check out Torah Codes by R'Glazerson?
Just because gedolim never mentioned the NWO is no proof, because those who know the most often speak the least about such "non-essential" topics.

And quoting Margalit re: "a lack of technical understanding" I think a more educational venue for you to debate the harm of 5G would be at any of the locales where Dafna Tachover (attorney and former IDF computer commander) sacrifices herself to educate the public.

Just because you yourself have not [yet] been affected, that doesn't mean 5G's harm doesn't exist.
Conversely, just because John Doe cannot see angels, that doesn't mean they don't exist either.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 5:37am well said. People can pick and choose if they can tolerate gritty details, as with R'Anava, or the more toned-down versions of R'Kessin.

Anonymous at May 3rd 1:43 also well said, though i disagree that =only= Jews don't dwell on demons. There are plenty of non-Jews who shun such topics, each according to one's nature, so i'd beware absolutism.

I saw mention of Soros, and i lately wonder whether Soros had been commandeered during WW2 as a subject of hypnosis, for use later on as a tool of the Deep State. Nachman Seltzer's novels contain such themes. Ditto with Arik Sharon, who might have been blackmailed by the Israeli deep-state for the Gush Katif evacuation. I mean, his ideological reversal defied logic!

It's numbing to contemplate that anyone who ever became a head of state, or CEO of a big company, became a pawn of the cabal. About 20 years ago I had occasion to chat with the Jewish V.P. of Hershey's Co. at a doctor's office, and at one point, there appeared a mysterious look in his eyes, and off-the-cuff he seemed compelled to emphasize "Don't worry, there won't ever be another Holocaust." I'd no idea what he meant by that, nor was i inclined to ask him.

Anonymous said...

M.M. @6:09 PM: No where did I say that we alone, the Jewish people do not pay attention to 'demons' (no absolutism here). Just brought out that we the Jewish people do not involve ourselves in the impure side; doesn't mean others don't either!

Anonymous said...

To the German guy: your attempt at white-washing your country's history is despicable, this is why no "normal every day Jews with religious backgrounds" are interested in you or people of your ilk. In fact you would do well to connect with so-called "palestinians". They too are experts in murder (obviously not as efficient and industrial as germans) and re-writing history. Your great-grandparents voted for "that guy" and loved him, they were the one's torturing and murdering our great-grandparents and our grandparents. Express remorse, stay silent, but do not come to a Jewish site and write your filth.

And Devorah, what on earth were you thinking allowing this highly incendiary, disgusting comment? Insulting to the entire Jewish people and especially to descendants of survivors.

Devorah said...

Sorry if it offended you, I didn't know what he was talking about and gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was trying to express himself and didn't quite get the message across. Anyway, I deleted that comment now. I must admit I am half asleep the past couple of days, I think it's the self isolation getting to me. I seem to have no energy. Apologies again.

michal rus said...

dear devorah,

this isolation, is hard for so many of us

please know you are still helping so many many many people find the truth and follow Hashem, even if a comment or two slip through the cracks.

waiting for geula is hard
waiting when the world is on edge seems even harder
waiting for the timeline Hashem has planned is not easy. its a nisayon, one that many wished to not live through

the different theories of who are the big controllers are so limited and we must constantly refocus ourselves with ein od milvado : that and world order, new world order, any country, any virus, any power however strong they may be is under the control or our eternally loving Father, who is a TOV vMEtiv and as we glue ourselves more and more to Hashem, we will taste this goodness....even in the darkness...even in the pain there is comfort.

we are in the hands the One master of everything, who calls us His beloved, His first born, who binds us eternally to Him and Who is calling us all to come closer to Him.

youare doing a good job bringing Hashems Torah to so many, no one is perfect and we are so thank ful to you
May Hashem bless you with strength and with simchas hachayim, and with health and clarity and anser all your tefilos letova, and may we all soon dance and sing with the inauguration of the thrid and eternal bais hamikdosh with all humanity serving Hashem with shleimus

thank you
bless you

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!!

Hashem bless you Michal Rus.

You have voiced, exactly what i feel towards this blog, specially the owner of it - Devorah=

Devorah, is and has been a blessing to many, many of us. Jews and also gentiles like me.

Thanks for putting in words that many of us feel for the this blog and its owner.

Devorah, thank you, may you know only all good... Amen v'Amen.


Devorah said...

Thank you both but no more flattery I don’t think it’s healthy :)

Anonymous said...

Annonymous at 7:46 a.m

What you say, you have a right to say.. But please, not all Germans were bad... as when you write:

'Your great-grandparents voted for "that guy" and loved him, they were the one's torturing and murdering our great-grandparents and our grandparents.'

Read history, many helped Jews, and put themselves in harmsway.

Sheesh... there are good and bad everywhere..

Not fair to those many who helped.. Like it or not... its true, non-Jews helped too...
for crying out loud!!


Anonymous said...

Not Germany, Holland, but same principle. An older Dutch Jew said to me that if every Dutch person who claims to have hidden a Jew during the war had done so it would have meant that all the Jews would have been saved.

Fact: the Germans knew who yemach shmo was and voted for him en mass. I suggest that you read some history, especially, forget the names, but there are published contemporary diaries of Germans during the nazi years. They loved the nazis and the feeling of being part of the volk. Yes, everywhere there were some good, brave people (see the Secret Jews of Berlin), but nowhere near enough, and not as you would like to portray it. So don't you also white-wash this with "good and bad everywhere" as if there is no difference between people. Nazi Germany was not imposed on the German people, it was what they wanted. So the majority were very bad indeed. If you wish to cry out loud I suggest you do so for the Jewish souls who were tortured and murdered.

And righteous gentiles are recognized as such by Yad Vashem.
", close to 24,000 persons from 45 countries". Each one of those people is a huge hero, but together they are a tiny fraction of the population of those 45 countries with hundreds of millions of people together.

Yes it is important to learn history.

Anonymous said...

Annonymous @10.41

Believe as you wish..

Call it what you wish..

Think as you wish..

In the end, the One and Only Creator, knows all, sees all, and records all.

The time is not far, when all will be revealed...

and i will not comment to your comments further. Have a good life.

Devorah Chayah said...

Sorry to be late to the party, but this comment really needs to be clarified...

"To conflate the use of 5G with spurious comments about its alleged 'physical' effects on the body shows a lack of technical understanding."

It's not just 5G and it's not just "alleged." This comment shows a lack of bio-chemical understanding. The body is an electrical system from the beating of the heart to the brain and the nervous system.

Ever hear of an electrocardiogram or brain waves?

It's not just 5G - all the "waves" bombarding our minds and bodies are taking a terrible toll. But, there is too much money involved for the truth about these adverse effects to ever come out. No studies will ever be funded for the research.

The problem with 5G is it is so many, many times more powerful than what we have been exposed to up until now! As R Anava mentioned, it's not just a technological leap in communications, it's a weapon!

And the only thing that can save the planet is a massive EMP from the Sun at HKB"H's direction. FRY IT ALL!

Devorah said...

Thank you Devash but your comment has now inspired a few others to offer up their tales of woe and doom. I just want to say that this blog does not focus on doom predictions. I prefer to stick my head in the sand and pray that it all goes away. I can't spend the rest of my life worrying about these things that I cannot control, and I don't want my blog full of doom and gloom. To the two people who wrote a comment which was not published, I apologise, but I suggest you head over to Devash's blog and leave your comment there. I am closing comments on this post now, and I have still not listened to this shiur as I am serious about not wanting to be drawn down into the mire of worry and anxiety about impending catastrophes which may or may not happen. Sorry if this annoys some of you, but as I manage this page I make the decisions, and my decision is to focus on GOOD not BAD, even if Rabbi Anava is talking about it. Thank you all for your understanding.