Monday, December 4, 2023

Two Soldiers

Two soldiers, a Muslim and a Jew, praying side by side.   

Photo: סטטוסים מצייצים [not a page I look at, but this photo was shared by a friend, H/T Judy]


Anonymous said...

That is so nice to see.

If only humans let every person worship Gd the way they want to.

If only humans would learn to respect each other

If only humans learned, that in the end, no matter how they choose to relate to the One Creator, the Creator looks down on them and sees their hearts and their thoughts.

If only we left all to Gd, and learn to live in peace with one another.

Just let be and let Gd.

What a wonderful world this would be.


Devorah said...

Israel raises threat level against travel to 80 countries due to Gaza war

One of the countries mentioned is Australia ! That's ridiculous.
Let me tell you something.... when you fly to Israel from Australia these days, you are allowed as much overweight luggage as you can carry, FREE OF CHARGE, because Australia understands that people are taking clothing and other items to displaced people in Israel. There is absolutely no danger in coming to Australia. Yes there are demonstrations from "rent a crowd" against Israel but those demonstrations are managed and policed. Any form of antisemitism has been outlawed here, new laws have been introduced to protect Jews or anyone else from racist salutes, or any other form of attack.

Joshua manevitz said...

May Hashem continue to protect Australia,
in the merit that Australia is a kind and decent people and protects their citizens
Other countries should take their example

Devorah said...