Friday, August 5, 2011

Murderer of Rabbi Elazar Abu Hatzira zt"l in Torah Codes

Rabbi Glazerson shows the Torah code where the name of the murderer of Rabbi Elazar Abu Hatzira - Asher Dahan - appears, and the evil forces which are influencing so many murders in our times.


Leah said...

Ok, so I listened to the audio two times and from what it sounds like, and correct me if I'm wrong, yet the terrible sins of kla Yisrael (sinat chinum and sexual immorality etc. are influencing Hashem to bring these Divine forces to act upon jews on the earth. The ministering angels that he mentioned are bringing about this behavior (the murders)in these people because of the immorality. Does this sound to be what Rabbi Glazerson is saying?

Devorah said...

Not sure if Hashem is bringing it about - these forces are being brought about by us.
I think he says the evil force(s) are strengthened by the behavior of the people (prostitution, homosexuality etc) - and this act of murder by Asher Dahan was not logical, and was brought on by these evil forces (perhaps a psychiatric problem) - but whatever the case, the evil forces managed to get him - and so the murder came about.

Leah said...

That's what sounds to be what he is saying. Incredible to think that our actions collectively work together negatively so much that it can produce this outcome.
It is long overdue that we as a nation can (and should) behave in such a way that we can produce overwhelmingly good results.