Monday, November 21, 2011

Life is a Rollercoaster

The lower the descent, the higher the potential ascent.  Known in chassidus as: "Yerida l'tzorich Aliyah" - it is a descent purely for the purpose of ascent.

When your life takes a turn for the worse, know that this is the preparation for a future elevation.  It's the ricochet effect.  The harder you throw a ball down, the higher it will bounce back up.

People are tested all the time: know that is all it is:  a test.  Sometimes it may last for many years, sometimes just a few days.  The lower you have fallen, the higher you can potentially rise.  If you know this, then nothing should ever bother you again.


Anonymous said...

I wish my life was like a roller coaster. My life is like a seismograph :

Devorah said...

Heh, at least you still have a sense of humour.

michael said...

Nice pic, btw are those indian avoda zarah temples? ;)

in the vanguard said...

True of the Jewish people as an aggregate, as well. We got the holocaust, so now let's see the Final & Ultimate Salvation with King Moshiach!