Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Insight: Iran

HT: Joe

This program was aired last night on Australian TV: you may find it of interest.


  1. The woman in the center is delusional. She is absolutely deluuuuuusional."it is a cat and mouse game that Israel and Iran play with each other." Ooooooookay, lady. You just go right on believing that. This Mohammed Marandi guy is obviously speaking as a gov't puppet....

  2. 18:52:

    "There's no such thing as the chosen people"

    Now we get to the crux of the matter. It always boils down to this.

  3. Moriah, it always has boiled down to is THE matter. Naaseh v'nishmah

  4. The essential core of Judaism that distinguishes it from other monotheistic religions……..Whilst Christianity is obsessed with the mortification of the flesh and Islam is obsessed with Paradise, both attempt to project into the Heavenly, albeit by different means.
    Christianity in its attempt to do so, at times underscores the purpose of HaShem’s physical creation and spiritualizes the very essence of that creation.
    Islam, on the other hand, at times shows its utter disdain for human rights and life, trampling them under foot in order to reach Paradise with all its associated rewards.
    In both cases, the Jews become the recipients of either “spiritual” conversion or “physical” extermination.
    Thus, Torah Judaism is HaShem’s only antidote for an ailing world that not only needs rectification and repair, but an abject lesson in the celebration and sanctification of life itself…..bringing the Divine into every facet of the physical mundane and only then, lifting it up into the Heavenly, the very purpose of creation itself.
    Baruch HaShem for His most valuable gift and His elected holy vessel of transmission………..the Jews.

    Am Yisrael Chai !!!!

  5. Good speaking Joe. The core of Christianity is “A man slapped my left cheek and I offered him my right”, that synonymous to adultery, because it encourages indulgence, like sexual promiscuity. That is why wherever Christianity reaches, sexual immorality is rampant. The core of Islam on the other hand is “Kill the Infidels”, that is synonymous to idolatry, because it encourages dictatorship, or murder. That is why wherever Islam reaches, killing is rampant. Hinduism is basically escapism, see no evil and hear no evil. Judaism is the only light, the rest is darkness.

  6. The very core, the root , the essence of political correctness, non- judgmentalism, multiculturalism and the argument for passivity and moral-relativism over justice is in xtianity. It is a sickness and perversion of Truth. It allows, even encourages kindness to the wicked resulting ultimately in cruelty to the kind.

  7. Thanks for the video. I believe the Iranian refugees who left the country, they speak the truth about the government. They too are against Islam.