Friday, September 14, 2012

Honey's Message

by Rabbi Aron Moss

Honey is a miraculous substance. It can do the impossible. Just try this experiment with your family at the Rosh Hashana table:

Dunk a slice of apple into a bowl of honey
Lift the apple out of the honey
Hold the apple over the bowl and allow a shaft of honey to drip back down into the bowl
While it is oozing downwards, quickly lift the apple until the shaft breaks.
Watch carefully. The honey on the apple starts to fall a little, and then climbs back upwards towards the apple, defying the laws of gravity
Say "Wow!"

The upward climbing honey gives us a moving message for the new year. Even if you have fallen, you can always climb back up. Even if you have become disconnected, you can reconnect. You may have become estranged from your people and from your G-d. You may have lost your way in life and fallen to a very low place. But you can always pick yourself back up. No force in the world can stop a Jew coming home.

The honey may fall downwards, but at a certain point it turns around. In fact, it is the falling down that causes the bouncing up. The further you have strayed from Judaism, the more rebound energy you have built up for your return.

A Jewish soul wants to be Jewish. Materialistic distractions can only hold us back for so long. Our inner pull towards G-d is stronger than the pull of gravity towards the earth. Honey always bounces back. So can we.

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Unknown said...

interesting analogy! thank you

Leah said...

Yasher koach. Nice. I will try this. Shanah Tova, Devorah! Everything good for you this year for health and all things good! Parnassoh tov!

Anonymous said...

such a nice post, shana tova! rina x

Fangyu said...

Toda Raba for the teachings. Shana Tova to everyone!

Anonymous said...

There is two different types of honey. One is the regular one that we eat and there is a special queen bee's honey. This type of honey is costly but a great medicine on dyslexia. One tea spoon full once or twice a day (depending upon the degree of dyslexia) and you will wonder if your child ever had dyslexia.

ariela said...

Please participate!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous September 18, 2012 3:46 AM
You do not mention if you are a Jew. The queen bee's honey, which is called royal jelly, is not kosher.