Monday, August 1, 2016

Do the Opposite

One who wishes to succeed in guarding his tongue should do the opposite of what gossipers do. 

They usually gravitate towards crowds so that they might glean a piece of information which they could thereafter use to degrade others. 

They also pursue new developments in other people’s interpersonal relationships so that they could have more to gossip about throughout the day. 

A G-d fearing Jew should do the opposite. 

[Rabbi David Hanania Pinto]


Anonymous said...

really interesting video in english about Rav Berland clarifying everything

Leah said...

Pssst....Devorah. Do we have a Rabbi Lesson video yet? You know I neeeeeeed his next installment.馃槈

Devorah said...

Leah, they haven't uploaded it yet. Lots of people are waiting for it.... I think they are making us anticipate it even more.

Leah said...

I will be patient. I will be patient... Are we almost there yet?
I will be patient. I will be patient.

Ginno Ricci said...

The purpose of talking lashon harah about someone is to damage their reputation, right? Well, according to our sources all the reward of the good things that the sinner did go to the victim of their lashon harah. Who wants to give merits to one's enemies?

Devorah said...

Leah, it doesn't look like Rabbi Kessin gave a shiur on Sunday night. Still no sign of it on You Tube. Maybe he wasn't well, or something.... we will have to wait another week.

Ginno: Exactly. Before you open your mouth, think about whether you want all your mitzvot to go to the person you are about to speak negatively of.