Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What is Going on with the Moon ?

This guy is posing the same questions that I have.  What exactly is going on with the Moon lately?  It is too bright, it has a large aura around it that is also very bright, and we keep seeing these blood moons.  The moon talk is at the beginning of the video, for the first 4 minutes approx.  I wouldn't bother with the rest of the video.

If you don't like Steve Olson, then don't watch this, but please don't complain about it either, unless you can explain the moon's weird positions and appearance - in which case I'll happily replace Steve with you !


Anonymous said...

I saw a blood moon Dec 9 at 1:30 AM. Totally surprised me as I didn't hear or read anything that said it was expected. I didn't hear or read that anyone else saw it so it makes me think I was seeing things in the middle of the night but who knows? Seems like it is going across the sky at much quicker rate as well.

I used to watch the sunset out of my upstairs bedroom window and I checked old pictures I took to make sure it was at this time of year. Now, it has moved over so far that I can't see it at all. I have to walk down the block to get a good view as there are too many houses and trees nearby.

Devorah said...

I looked for the moon last night, it was supposed to be a super moon. I couldn't find it early in the night, but then I saw a huge full moon plus giant aura reflected in the window of an apartment opposite me. I could not track the reflection, I was too low down to actually see the moon, but the reflection in the glass kept moving, so I knew it was real. I have never seen the moon reflected in that particular window before. I have no idea what is going on, but it's not normal.

Neshama said...

Yes, the previous time when the Moon was the closest to earth, I saw the Moon also very very bright the TWO DAYS BEFORE the designated date, and very very bright, and it also looked almost full. I suspect the Super Moons are reflections off of the Nibiru system in our solar system. Also, I think that aura is debris.

Since ‘they’ have a Sun shield to try to hide the planets visible near the sun (of which I have photos of in a coming post), I wouldn’t be surprised

Devorah said...

Supermoon and the Geminids meteor shower: The best photos

Dror said...

As the Moon represents Am Yisrael, the bloody moons are omens of impending events. All nations will rise against Yerushalayim through UN. It's the time.

Dror said...

Displaying Bloody Moons (= Fire Moons) Hashem is giving us hints of what follows: blood and fire.

Leah said...

I'm glad you posted this. Interestingly enough, my child has a month long project to track the moon and it's sizes throughout the month etc..
In watching the moon I have noticed it is much brighter than usual.

Anonymous said...

Blood and fire for whom....Am Yisroel or the evil of the nations? What are you alluding to? I watched this horrible video I linked to from one of the blogs I follow - it was terrible. It was promising death and destruction here in E"Y the 3 hours before Moshiach comes. Children will be stabbed by Arabs in the street and the blood and death will flow all around. Is this seriously what most of you are eagerly awaiting?
The Lubavitcher Rebbe said all of Klal Yisroel will be redeemed this time, so why is it that so many bloggers and commentators and insane videos posted up on you tube promise horrible deaths and demise to most of the Jewish people. Shouldn't we be praying people do Teshuva and that no matter when it is Hashem forgives everyone? Haven't our people suffered enough? Why does it feel like certain Rabbis and bloggers are eagerly anticipating almost salivating at the prospect of the impending tragedy for most of the world. Is that really what we should be wishing for. I feel such terrible sadness for all the good but flawed and sometimes weak people that haven't managed to achieve the supposed sainthood necessary to witness Moshiach. How is it possible some people feel they are holy enough to judge others. I understand the truly evil being wiped out, but most people have good hearts and lead sad short and brutally difficult lives, trying the best they can to get by. Is that who we are judging to die in the 2/3 of the world that must perish. Not all bad prophecies must come to pass. If you are wishing for the 2/3 to perish and eagerly anticipate that because you are living up on your sanctimonious high horse where you believe your one of Hashems perfect little elite who will survive, how are you better then the globalists. I would rather believe what the Rebbe said all Jewish people will be redeemed. Life is difficult and we don't know what burden the next person is carrying that makes them behave the way they do. A Jew has a pintele yid inside him a Neshama that wants to be close to Hashem. Unless a Jew is truly evil I prefer to believe they are carrying a burden that I don't know and cant understand and that Hashem in his kindness and wisdom will forgive them and draw them close to him. Isnt that what we all should be hoping for?

Anonymous said...

I watched the awful video too, and there's no way I would recomend it. It was enough to give people nightmares. I had to turn the sound off because the woman's carrying-on and crying was making me extremely agitated. the subtitles were all I needed anyway. Do not watch it if you are a nervous person. Terrible video.

Devorah said...

Anonymous @ 8.47 - I agree with you. Very well said, we don't know and we can't judge other people. And I also hated that video.

Anonymous said...

Shalom, and I too agree with 8.47.

Very well said and the truth.

Also i feel many non-Jews too, go through so much, and no one can ever know the pain of anyone.
To have sympathy for those who are undergoing suffering, to help where one can, that is what i believe in my capacity as a human being and a noahide.
Thank you Anonymous, for explaining it well.
I saw that video too, on a blog, and was puzzled and upset. I did not watch it all as it did not sit well with me.
It should not be on any Jewish blog, for the message is so wrong.
Hashem have mercy and help those seeking H-m. Amen.


yaak said...

For all those who did not like the video, it was a dramatization of someone's two dreams. This is what she saw. It doesn't necessarily have to be that way, but it very well might.

The Redemption can come in a Be'itah fashion or in Ahishena fashion, depending on our merits.

No one wishes for a Be'itah redemption and no one wants to 2/3 of the world to perish. Nevertheless, we must prepare for that possibility.

The gemara says about such a possibility יתי ולא אחמיניה - "Let it come, but I don't want to see it." No one wants to see it, but we all should acknowledge that this is a very viable scenario.

Not preparing for such a possibility could leave us with a shattered faith if things end up going down that path. We therefore need videos like these to prepare us for these types of scenarios. Even if such scenarios don't come to pass (and may they not!), it's needed to awaken us.

Halevai we shouldn't see such things in the future and may the Geula come with mercy.

Devorah said...

Thanks for the explanation Yaak. I didn't think of that.

Anonymous said...

Honestly Yaak, really? I feel I must disagree. Yes there are definitely those prophecies...but why I ask you is this what we are focusing on?

The Rebbe said " Tracht Gut Vet Zein Gut"..that bitochon creates the channel for good to come...a video like that destroys bitochon, or faith. What normal human can hear that a saint is telling someone to abandon there children and run for his life bc its not his child but Gods. Everything Hashem does is B'derech Teva and while I agree the final redemption will be extraordinary, Hashem will not expect people to go against a deeply rooted human emotion like protecting your child. G-d is not some cruel deity raining hellfire down upon us, he loves us and everything that is done is for our well being, whether it seems like it at the time, or not. Can you imagine people being able to merrily waltz into a new dawn of peace and tranquility having witnessed that horror. Do you have any clue what the Holocaust did to people? It damaged most for the rest of their lives. I knew a very holy Rebbbetzin, she was mamash a saint. She survived the camps with all of her children and saved other peoples kids as well. Yet when she spoke about the camps she would openly weep.
Hashem wouldn't let his beloved Dovid Hamelech build the first Beit Hamigdosh bc he had blood on his hands. The Beit Hamigdosh wasn't built using any implement used for war or bloodshed, hence the Shamir worm used to cut the stones. Hashem did not want anything associated with bloodshed and violence in connection to his holy Temple. To believe that this horror is the way G-d will kick start a period of tranquility, peace and holiness is mind boggling. That the third Beit Hamigdosh will plop down in the midst of rivers of blood, horror and tragedy... seriously?
Even the Jews who died in Egypt disappeared during the maka of choshech. It was done quietly not some mind bending, horrifying nightmare that would surely destroy a persons sanity. Those that feel they will still be sane enough to greet Moshiach after witnessing the Horror and suffering of others - I question the veracity of anything they henceforth have to say.
If a person blogs, I truly believe they have a responsibility to all the simple people of faith who follow them, trust them and read what they have to say. You can awaken people without making them lose faith. Convert them to the truth of our existence through hope, positivity and encouragement- not by brutalizing their very faith and crushing them with a sense of defeat and hopelessness. Every bad prophecy does not have to happen - its simply what you feed... the negativity or the positivity that will determine the outcome of the process.
Frankly watching that video I had the creepy feeling I was watching the Jewish version of Jihad, its a sort of mental coercion. Abuse and violence can be mental and emotional too. I felt drained exhausted and and further from Hashem - Just halfway through the video. I had to shut it off and remind myself that this video does not represent truth or Hashem, no matter how they try to insinuate that this is prophetic in some way. To all the Noahides, simple Jews like myself and all good people everywhere, struggling and limping along like myself...feeling like we can barely reach the finish line, every day is a new battle to work on yourself, try a little harder, learn a little more.... Some days we fail, some days we score big, always just struggling in our hearts and minds, trying to be good and do what is right. Know this, Hashem runs this world, not the bloggers, not some dude who had a dream, not even most of the Rabbi's of this generation can be trusted anymore. If someone drives you away from Hashem and damages your faith and makes you lose hope, its a pretty safe bet its not coming from the right place.
One of the things I love most about this blog, Shirat Devorah is that I usually leave with renewed Emunah and the determination to do better and be better and that is the way it should be for everyone.
Choose what you read and watch wisely.

yaak said...

Anonymous 11:54,

You're very much entitled to disagree. There are many rabbis who agree with you, including the Lubavitcher Rebbe ZT"L and others.

So if watching that video repulses you, by all means turn it off.

But don't say that the rabbis who warn of harsh Hevlei Mashiah - based on the gemara, Zohar, and all our earliest sources - were wrong.

And don't say that showing a very possible Geula scenario makes people lose faith and hope. If it makes you lose faith, don't watch it. For others, it is very encouraging. (It's a shame you only saw the negative part of the video and didn't finish it to its conclusion - where all was good.)

And don't say that positive encouragement is the only way to do kiruv as we know that many others respond with harsher methods. If you are wired differently, please continue to follow the path you choose. There are many pathways to Hashem. Use the one that works best for you, but don't knock the path that works better for others.

One thing we can agree on is that this blog, Shirat Devorah, is great. Continue to enjoy it.

Dror said...

I do agree with Yaak. There is a reality of world existence today that cannot be ignored and has to come into the open. Unrealistic optimism led Am Yisrael along history to terrible consequences like the Holocaust.
Truly the Day of Judgment is about punishment of humanity for straying the right path. The yom hadin is fundamental in Jewish thought, the optimistic view that it won't happen is simply lack of trust in the entire Hashem's plan for humanity.
Today almost the whole world lives in sin. There is a heavenly need to change such a mankind who is far from what Hashem intended to create.
A limitles merciful Hashem scenario isn't possible; our religious history shows how Hashem does the punishments.
The video has value for awakening people to a possible reality soon to come. It is scarry for some, but a trigger for others to repent in the last moment.
Thanks Deborah for posting it.

Dror said...

The final redemption, geulah, follows by large the scenario of the first redemption that during the time of Moshe, but far more ample. In the first redemption 80% of the Jews perished (ref. Rabbis Mizrachi, Anava's shiurim.
So, we better engage in teshuvah and all good practices Hashem tells us as a nation having an important mission.
Yaak is truly grounded to the understanding of what means geulah for Am Yisrael and mankind.
Violent scenarios may be destressing, but they can turn people away from their wrong doings and repent. There is genuine value in warning.

Dror said...

As I remember well Rabbi Mizrachi was saying that the time of achishena is gone already. All the facts we see in the world today show a violent end to the current humanity. The wars, lies, corruption, the evil in the fabric of societies, will be eliminated by Hashem the way he did to Sodom.
And Mashiach will lead humanity to a new beginning, as Moshe led the ancient Hebrews.

Anonymous said...

I want to make something crystal clear - I would NEVER disagree with the taanayim or amarayim or any of the other great scholars or sages or chas v chalilah dare to infer they weren't telling the truth...what I am stressing is not every negative nevuah must happen. Lets focus on the positive. The Rebbe said that the holocaust was the war of GOG u Magog and that Klal Yisroel would not suffer any further. This is what I choose to believe. Secondly, never once did I infer we shouldn't do teshuva- however teshuva through love is on a much higher madrega then teshuva through fear and cooercion. The problem is many people follow the geulah blogs- many many different sorts of people. I think terrifying people is a terrible way to go about bringing people closer to Hashem. I was a chabadnik for the first 23 years of my life most of my family is still chabad. I watched kiruv done in the most beautiful warm and kindly manner. People were drawn close to yiddeshkeit and it was voluntary and heartfelt.
However, as you have said there are some that respond to such harsh methods of kiruv. I just do not believe that most people nervous,anxious and frantic about the insane and uncertain world we live in, feel this way.
Like you said I think we should agree to disagree and leave it at that.

Devorah said...

Dror: I did not post the video. Yaak posted it, and I think Absolute Truth.