Thursday, June 27, 2019

Prediction: Second Elections Will Fail -Gog u Magog by Tishrei

Rabbi Yekutiel Fish, an expert in Jewish mysticism who blogs in Hebrew under the title ‘Sod Chashmal,’ told Breaking Israel News that the final redemption is very close indeed. He also noted two clear signs that this is so, signs that will be seen in newspaper headlines.

 “According to our calculations, there will be a war by the end of the summer, certainly before the Jewish high-holidays,” Rabbi Fish said.

One of his calculations was based on a section of the Talmud.

The disciples of Rabbi Yossi the son of Kisma questioned him, asking when the son of David (the Messiah) will appear. And he answered: I am afraid you will request from me a sign as well. And they assured him that they would not. He then said to them: When this gate will fall, be rebuilt and fall again, be rebuilt again and fall again. And before it will be rebuilt for the third time the Messiah will appear. Tractate Sanhedrin (78a).

Rabbi Fish explained that the term שער (gate) refers to government or leadership, as seen in a verse in Deuteronomy.

You shall appoint magistrates and officials for your tribes (gates), in all the settlements that Hashem your God is giving you, and they shall govern the people with due justice. [ Shoftim 16:1]

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Neshama said...

I wonder if that means Mashiach will be revealed Sukkos?
Isn’t there something to that effect?

Devorah said...

I think we've had every date possible for Moshiach's revelation. Who knows....

Anonymous said...

Rav kaduri Moshiach Tishrei 5780

“[T]his same Moshiach ben Ephraim will spread out … and will fight the wars of Hashem, and will gore the nations like an ox.”
“[T]he flags of this Moshiach will go forth, and an awful noise will fall upon the land, by way of the sound of the shofar. And all the children of the nations will hear and will be afeared…”
We know that many people have started hearing strange ‘shofar’ noises coming from the sky again this year, after a few years’ break. We see massive earthquakes rocking the world more frequently. We see massive volcanic eruptions happening, one after another….
Then what happens:
“The idols will be [destroyed/removed/burned] from the holy land and three wars will be made by the children of Yishmael with this Moshiach.”
There will be three wars between Israel and the Arabs, apparently in quick succession, that the Moshiach will fight.
(Note: If this Zohar really is speaking about events to unfold this year, it’s difficult to reconcile the timing that Rabbi Shimon gives in the next passage. Clearly, it’s an assumption to say this could be happening this year, as it always is with trying to figure out what the Zohar’s prophecies are actually telling us.)
“And they will come and bow down to the Master of the World on the holy mountain in Jerusalem. These wars will take place in the six thousandth, on the 16th day of the seventh month of the 59th year of the six thousandth – will be all these wars.”
Tishrei is the seventh month, if we begin the New Year on the 1st of Nissan, as this chronology in the Zohar appears to be doing. Rosh Hashana 5780 begins on the evening of September 29, 2019. The 16th day of Tishrei takes us up to October 15-16, 2019 – which I believe is the yahrtzeit of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, in the middle of chol hamoed Succot.

Miriam said...

The 18th of Tishrei is the yartzeit of Rebbe Nachman. It's also my birthday :)
The year he died, it was October 16 so maybe that was the confusing part. The 16th of Tishrei is the first day of chol hamoed for those in Israel. Comes out on Tuesday, an auspicious day as well.