Thursday, July 2, 2015

Moshiach’s Donkey: A Drama in Four Acts

A Tale of 4 Donkeys: The One of Bilam, Avraham, Moshe and Moshiach

by Rabbi Y. Y. Jacobson

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Summary: Why does the donkey hold such prominence in the story of Bilam and in Jewish history? Bilam’s donkey was apparently created on the first Friday of history. Then, we are taught, that Moshe used the same donkey once used by Avraham. And that Moshiach will come riding on that same donkey! Moshiach's donkey has a long, prestigious history. But why is it the donkey that features so prominently? What is the symbolism?

Time and again the donkey makes its appearance through the generations, surfacing at key junctures of the messianic process. Each time we see it fulfilling the same function, but in a slightly different manner -- reflecting the changes our world undergoes as it develops toward its ultimate state of perfection.

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