Sunday, December 6, 2015

Instant Salvation

"And they rushed him out of the dungeon" [Miketz 41:14]

In the Chofetz Chaim's later years, the Communist Revolution raged in Russia.  One of the aims of the wicked Communists was to stamp out any trace of Judaism from the hearts of the Jewish people.  They spared no effort at trying to achieve this goal. They mercilessly leveled harsh decrees against the Jews, and only thanks to the mercy of Heaven were Jews able to remain firm in their faith.

"Look at what the Torah states in Parshas Miketz", said the Chofetz Chaim to one of his students.  "The verse says that 'Pharoah sent [messengers] and called Yosef, and they rushed him out of the dungeon.'  For twelve years Yosef languished in prison and no one paid any attention to him.

'But when the moment that Hashem had designated for Yosef's salvation finally arrived, he was immediately rushed out of the dungeon.'

''We are in a similar situation. Our predicament appears to be hopeless: the Communist regime, in their cruelty, will stop at nothing to sever our ties with the holy Torah. Yet when Moshiach comes and our moment of redemption arrives there will be no delays and we, too, will be rushed to our Land.''

Source: Rabbi Yisrael Bronstein

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Avi said...

Hashem and Mashiach are orchestrating the world events puzzling the understanding of the developments. Things appear out of rationality with Western Europe inviting their butchers to settle in their midst, or USA loosing any support from the divine by becoming a traitor of Yisrael, or making Am Yisrael the most antisemitic nation in the world.
We can already see the kind of rush mentioned in the article above. The sequence of the surprising world events is more and more and more shocking, terrorist carnage in Paris, massacre in America where people could own arsenals of weapons.
But the victim countries appear not to wake up to realise the demonic nature of Yishmael's offspring, continuing to support the human rights for demons who masquerade as religious people. We are now in the stage of no return when billions will be annihilated as souls for not being able to raise their consciousness to the level Hashem wanted. His people, Am Yisrael will live the most painful experience of their existence when desperation will trigger them to raise their arms to heaven for clemency.
Don't miss any day to humble yourself in the presence of Hashem!