Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Red Planet

Last night I kept an eye on the full moon, it was a cloudy night and once again when the clouds drifted past the moon, we could see a giant halo reflecting yellow and blue colours, very similar to what we saw on Pesach.   The moon is full and it is the summer solstice [the longest day of the year] for most of you, although for me it is the shortest day of the year.  

Below is a video of the sunset in Mexico on June 19.  You can clearly see the red planet - Nibiru? -setting along with the sun, as well as two other light sources.

If you don't have patience to watch from the beginning, fast forward to the 4 minute mark and you will see the different sources of light setting with the sun.


Anonymous said...

So when are you making aliya? :-)

Neshama said...

Love that, “Flying Cheese Sandwiches”. Need more of those laugh provoking thoughts :-)
A good laugh clears the air.
Thanks Devorah.
However, it would make more sense if the frame by frame went from NIGHTIME to SUNRISE. The best views are as the SUN is rising (at least that is what Ive seen on other videos in US). The German video did show night to sunrise. This video began with the seeming sun (or light force) to the left up behind the clouds, then we moved to the sun setting sun on the right, and the visible Orbs. A bit confusing. What did you think?

Devorah said...

I think the ''flying cheese sandwiches'' came from a Steve Olson video, not this one. I must admit I haven't been keeping up with all these Nibiru videos, I can't comment on whether it's better at sunrise or sunset, so much going on lately...

Neshama said...

It was printed on the very end scene. It is on this video. So far, I haven’t seen it on Steve’s videos.
Hope all is going well for you.