Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Blood Red Seas


So said the Lord, "With this you will know that I am the Lord." Behold, I will smite with the staff that is in my hand upon the water that is in the Nile, and it will turn to blood And the fish that are in the Nile will die, and the Nile will become putrid, and the Egyptians will weary [in their efforts] to drink water from the Nile.' [Vaeira 7:17-18]

Every time Nibiru crosses in front of the Earth, it plants our entire planet (land and seas) with millions of tons of fine red dust of Iron Oxide.   As time goes by, the Iron Oxide builds up sediment, and this is covered over by new layers of sedimentation that has been deposited on top.  And these days, the ground in many parts has moved.  It is possible that the movement of the ground left a cloak of Iron Oxide exposed, that would have come in contact with water and been dragged away.

Note: I did not come up with this theory, it is from a Nibiru "expert".  


Anonymous said...

This is real time? Or a montage from past years????

Devorah said...

That's a good question because there are no dates for any of this, but what he's saying is that it's caused by iron oxide from Nibiru system, so whatever dates they were/are we can expect to see more of the same as the system is very close to us. Does anyone reading this know where the red water in Israel is or was?

Devorah said...


Yitzchak said...

No Geulah news recently? It’s Nissan and motzei shemittah and it’s looking like we are in for more Long waiting for Moshiach to arrive 😔 AD MOSAI?!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Ad matai?!

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Anonymous said...

For Yitzchak, it very much looking like that we are in yemot hamoshiach, and Be"D Moshiach should be any day now. In addition to the timing, there are so many messianic events going on that have become our new normal that we barely even notice them.

When Moshiach comes everyone will have refua. Maybe it will be supernatural, or it might happen via medical advancements. In just the last ten years much of the focus of medical research has moved to regenerative medicine, including regenerating kidney function, restoring hearing loss, complete reparation of damage to the spinal cord, etc. To me that sounds messianic.

This might be of interest.


Pinchos said...

It will definitely not be through medicine. It will be supernatural. If it was supernatural when every single Jew was completely healed and in perfect health by Har Sinai, it will be even more so as soon as Moshiach arrives soon.

Most serious illnesses can’t be cured with medicine. People have all types of medical conditions and pains that can’t just be cured anytime soon if you want to go according to “medicine”. There won’t even be doctors when Moshiach comes, because no one will be sick or in any type of pain. People with missing limbs (arms, legs, etc) will not be healed by getting a fake, prosthetic limb. To That’s not a cure. Too many illnesses and health issues to list that you would realize it’s not going to happen through medicine.

As it’s written in many sources, including yeshayahu, everyone will be completely healed and there will be no more pain, illness, and suffering of any kind. There are more than enough sources for this. Just remember Moshiach’s arrival is greater than the revelation at Har Sinai! This will happen very speedily as Moshiach is about to arrive.

Anonymous said...

Amen ve Aman Pinchos ! May we see coming of Moshiach very soon !
I agree with Picnhos that refuah will be supernatural.
The current state of medical care and pharmacology is degrading
and moral state of lots of doctors is appalling.
Complete Refuah cannot come from doctors