Tuesday, June 6, 2023

King David's Segulah of Protection

There is a tradition brought down by the Chida that King David put the image of Tehillim 67 למנצח “For the Conductor” in the form of a menorah on his shield and all his enemies would fall before him. But what is the secret of the power of this prayer that it gave King David such power and protection?

Image: המנורה כתובה by Ba'al haKokhav, converted to vector art by Andrew Meit (CC0)

The Torah teaches us that all the peoples of the world are blessed through Avraham and his offspring the children of Israel. However, this blessing depends upon the children of Avraham doing the will of Hashem.

The kabbalistic tradition explains that when Jewish people allow the soul to rule over the body and the physical world is used to serve the higher will of Hashem and His Torah, then this blessing flows properly to the nations of the world and the desire of the masses of people for a peaceful life is fulfilled; then the evil desires of the powerful few are held in check.

However, when Jewish people do not follow Torah and the bodily desires rule the soul, then the power is given to the evil ruling few who desire war over peace.

Torah and Tefillah
Torah is the source of our power, tefilah brings this power into manifestation. When we are involved in Torah and tefillah we give power of soul to rule body and therefore to live like the tzaddik.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I just read Rav Hirsch's commentary on Parshat Behalotcha. He said there about the upside down נ's...
He said what was supposed to be written if we had deserved it was what David wrote in TEHILLIM 68...and wow here 67 also impactful!

Anonymous said...


Just saw this on Yuval Ovadia's channel.


Anonymous said...

Gallant: A war with Iran/Hizballah – the gravest challenge to Israel’s home front in 75 years

Is that when moshiach may appear?

Devorah said...

Getting ready for Moshiach it would appear. It's difficult to think otherwise.

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Anonymous said...

I just read this on a group: "We have a new update today, In 17 days, the magnetic North Pole moved about 3 miles toward Siberia. We have 2.8 miles left to reach the 40 degree. May be we can say that the 17 of June..

I don't know what it means but they say 17 June something happen ?????

Anonymous said...

The mabul was caused by a pole shift also. The earth pretty much flipped over.