Monday, February 26, 2024

Is This The Kabbalistic Meaning of the Israel-Hamas War? (And Will It Bring Moshiach...?)

H/t Leah

This is from Tu b'Shvat but the information in it does not date.  Apart from the obvious mentioning of fruit, Rav Doniel Katz [who is a former Australian, now living in Israel] brings down some interesting facts.  "Moshiach is a process" - "Hashem doesn't want the Geula from Above, He wants the Geula from Below".  He quotes from the Sefer Ma'amar HaGeula.


Aharon said...

"HaShem wants the Geula from Below" is NOT a new idea. The Rebbe explicitly stated this in the First Maamar on 11 Shvat 5711 and then just over 40 years later The Rebbe reinforced this in the Sicha of 28 Nisan 5751.

It is up to us to cause the Revelation of Moshiach - it is all dependent on Our Avoda. [Tefilla, Tzedoka, Limud HaTorah, Chesed, "Acts of Goodness and Kindness", Never wavering in Our Trust & Belief that Moshiach can be Revealed at Any Moment]

Pesach was the Geula from Above

Moshiach must be Geula from Below

Devorah said...

He didn't claim it to be his own idea, it was just part of his shiur.

Anonymous said...

We know it's a process. It's been going on for a very long time.
But, we have reached a climactic time and our ultimate Geulah will be
like the first Geulah from Mitzrayim. The people then weren't ready either
because we know 80% didn'leave because they didn't want to. There are
different interpretations, The diffeence is all Jews will be redeemed.
We need to yearn every day for Moshiach's coming & he will come,
and, hopefully, he will come sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

Devorah said...

Thank you Anon 9:40, that was fascinating.