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Rabbi Travis Talks About the Star and Moshiach's Arrival

Rabbi Daniel Travis from a shiur given on Feb 19, 2016

I have transcribed the relevant part of this shiur, which is from the 12 min mark.  He does speak about Nibiru from about the 9 min mark but I did not think it was necessary to include that here.

Please bear in mind that this shiur was given 8 years ago... but the information is extremely relevant to us right now.

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Rav Shimon cried "woe is the person who's going to be at the time of Moshiach and happy will they be at the time of Moshiach.... Why "oy?" Because Hashem is going to look at the world at the time that Moshiach is going to come and see that nobody is worthy, so Hashem is going to have to bring tremendous yissurim upon the world so that Moshiach can come.  It's going to be a test in Emunah.

He who remains with his emunah at that time is going to see unbelievable things - whoever is zocher to Moshiach at that time.

Have you ever seen silver being purified? They put it on a furnace and heat it up until it's very hot, and melt it and take the dirt out... and that's what has to happen. That's what the Zohar says, so that's something to think about.

There will be a 40 day period where there is a pillar of fire in the Galil and after that time Moshiach is going to reveal Himself - there'll be a certain tekufah of 40 days, all the nations of the world are going to attack klal Yisrael and there are going to be tremendous gezeirahs upon klal Yisrael.  At that time, when all these gezeiras come, Melech haMoshiach is going to reveal Himself and from the East there will be a planet or Star with seven satellites [moons or whatever] around it.  This Star which is coming is going to have an effect on this world when it's going to come into the orbit of Earth.

It says everything that's going to happen: there will be tremendous wars, and it's going to be very auspicious times, and that is the procedure which will happen AFTER Moshiach has revealed Himself.

We see that something extraordinary is going to happen - big changes in the world - Reb Moshe always said "why are people going to laugh? because there's going to be such a change in the entire planet that the only thing you can do is laugh."  It's going to be a totally new existence, a new world order you might call it, it's going to be totally different... and even though when we hear about Planet X it sounds like science fiction but the Zohar IS saying that there is something that is going to come and change the entire earth, some kind or planet or Star, so we can't say that these things are mamash crazy.

I'm not saying this will happen, but definitely things are brewing as we might say, and we have to be ready for that.  Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai says the avodah is to remain with Emunah during these times. We're going to see things happening and we have no idea what they could be. It will be things beyond belief. It says it's going to make Yetzias Mitzrayim look like nothing. Every day it's going to be worse, and we're going to forget what it was like the day before [from all the wars that will be going on].

Halevei, if Moshiach comes early we'll be zocher with rachamim. Says Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, the nisayon is that whoever has Emunah at this time will be zocher to see the End.  There's different opinions how many people are going to survive this ordeal - some say a very small amount, some say a bit larger, maybe a third or maybe more... but the nisayon is Emunah.  Emunah is with Tehilla, with mussar, with everything that happens...... everything Hashem does is good.

The avodah right now is to build our Emunah so when this happens we'll be ready for it.

When we come to that level of Emunah then we'll be ready for Moshiach.


Devorah said...

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Anonymous said...

We need to pray with great kavanah that Hashem has great Mercy on every Yiddishe neshamah!
These recent times are hard enough; the ones who are totally guilty of everything within our
people are not our people - they are the real Erev Rav who have caused all the pain and troubles for more than 3300 years. May every Yiddishe neshamah be worthy of Geulah with chesed & rachamim. There are also the righteous among the nations that will be saved. In the meantime, our people have to wake up to reality and start doing real teshuvah NOW.
May we all merit the Geulah Shleimah with great kindness and great Mercy from Above!
The good must happen, the bad does not have to happen if we wake up and cry out to Hashem as
we did in Mitzrayim!

Devorah said...

"This is the stuff movies are made out of.... devil comet growing wings....will be seen April 8"

Maurice said...

Hi ! If I remember well a previous shiur from Rabbi Mendel Kessin, the Zohar states 2 opinions about when Tehyat Hametim will start (so that is AFTER Moshiah Ben David has finished his job) : one says in 5790/2030 and the other says 5786/2026...
Keep having Emouna, since we are in the middle of the last stage of the 3rd war of Gog and Magog we will win and Hashem will be King !