Friday, February 23, 2024

Eclipse and a Planetary Line-Up

Let me be totally honest from the start.... I did not come up with this myself, I found it on a conspiracy site and investigated it, but I'm not an Astrology person, so feel free to do your own investigations and leave a comment if you find out anything important that I've missed. 

Apparently it's not an official "planetary alignment" but nevertheless all the planets will be in a straight line on the day of the Eclipse, which is April 8 - Rosh Chodesh Nissan.

You know about "birth charts".... people pay big money to Astrologers to discover things about themselves from the position of the planets on the day they were born.  Basically, you give over all your information to the Astrologer: time of birth, date of birth and city of birth, and they produce a chart of the positions of the planets corresponding to all that information and then they tell you things about yourself, and what may or may not happen in your life. [Note: Jews are above the Mazalot, our destinies are shaped by our actions, not by the stars]

So.... just now I was reading about the position of the planets on April 8 - the day of the Solar Eclipse - Rosh Chodesh Nissan 5784.  [The same day we will be able to see the Comet we believe to be the Kochav Yaakov]

A generated chart for April 8, using the city of Jerusalem as the "birth place" shows NINE PLANETS LINED UP and Pluto slightly more apart from them.   They are not "aligned" as per the official Space description of an alignment, but they are all in a straight line.  Usually, birth charts show planets all over the place.  Sometimes 4 or 5 may be aligned, but to get all of these appearing just like this is very very rare.  

The symbols are, from the base to the top: Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury, Chiron, the Sun, Lunar Node, Moon, Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Mars and then Pluto over to the right. [those other two squiggles on the other side of the circle are not relevant to this]

That chart was generated by but there are many free astro chart sites out there, and you can generate your own -  if you enter in the date of April 8 2024 [time and city don't really matter, but I used Jerusalem] you will end up with something that looks like the picture above. 


Margolis said...

This is called a stellium, five or more planets in a sign. This stellium is conjunct the dragons north node in Aries. The "squiggle" to the right shaped like a "U" is the dragons south node opposite the north node(opposite shape) where the eclipse and stellium is happening. This is why eclipses relate to the DRAGON called the Teli in the Hebrew of the sefer yetzirah. The dragon is the secret behind how the orbit of the Levanah moon intersects the Earths ecliptic of the zodiac. This is another of four great taninim dragons involved in this celestial sign of the kochav Yaakov. The Asian year of Green Dragon, the 70 year comet star dragon, the eclipse dragon Teli and Pluto the KETER or tenth of the planetary omakim/depths being at the first degree of AQUARIUS which sign holds the face of the Seraph dragon angel. We are being opened to the heavenly realms of the Chayot, Kerubim and Seraphim.

Margolis said...

The south and north nodes are called the Dragons tail and the Dragons head. The eclipse is occuring at the Dragons head north node, the horeshoe shaped squiggle conjunct the sun and moon.

Devorah said...

That's amazing thank you. It's all a bit over my head [pun not intended].

Anonymous said...

Dragons? Sounds Chinese

Margolis said...

The taninim gedolim are great water dragons from sefer bereisheet. Along with the holy Teli axis dragon of eclipses inbthe sefer yetzirah, a key to the great sign kochav Yaakov. Also Isaiah 27 explains how the sword of Hashem will schect the leviathons. Study the Tikkuni Hazohar for more details on the upper tanin holy dragon. I could paste Isaiah prophecy here.

Margolis said...

Isaiah Chapter 27
1 In that day the LORD with His sore and great and strong sword will punish leviathan the slant serpent, and leviathan the tortuous serpent; and He will slay the dragon that is in the sea. " the comet is the great sword of time of the kerubim.
mentioned as the gatekeeper to gan eden in Bereisheet.