Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oprah is in the House !

It may not mean much to most of you, but Oprah Winfrey's visit to Australia this week has mesmerized Australians.  She's climbed to the top of the Harbour bridge, had lunch at Bondi Beach, dropped in to a couple of surprised locals for dinner (un-announced), spent a night at Uluru.... thrown a party for 450 private guests at a harbourside location, and is generally having the "best time of my life!"

Tomorrow she will be recording her shows at the Opera House (re-named the Oprah House for her visit), to be shown in the US next year. 

It's official: Sydney loves Oprah, and Oprah loves Sydney.  Even the weather changed for her visit: after days of rain, we now have blue skies and sunshine. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge lit up with a Pink O and fireworks

Sydney Harbour: The view

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Anonymous said...

Does she receive as much attention in the US when out and about I wonder? It has seemed extreme, however at the same time she comes across as genuine so not unsurprising people would be attracted to her. I was amazed at the rock star like reception in Melbourne (where I live). it almost eclipsed the Grand Final celebrations, which - for Melbourne - is saying something!

Devorah said...

I think she was amazed at all the fuss, no wonder she's having such a great time, she's flown into a country that seems to adore her.

Anonymous said...

A quote from today's paper: At least if Obama ever visits they can recycle the "O" on the bridge....