Monday, May 7, 2012

France election 2012: Nicolas Sarkozy booted out of office having exhausted France

Nicolas Sarkozy who rode to office five years ago promising a historic "rupture" was on Sunday night booted out of office having exhausted his nation.

Story: Telegraph


  1. If you think that Sarkozy exhausted the Nation ? Wait to see what the new President ( Hollande) will do ! French people are in denial. They can't take the difficult economical truth that is going on in Europe. Sarkosy worn the people that they will have to accept "austerity" to survive the crisis. They couldn't cope with that reality, so they chose a world of lie , with the president that goes with it...
    Concerning Islam and Israel on a practical point of vue : G. od protect us !

  2. Clear the decks. Put up more trailers in Migron!! There simply will not be enough trailers in Eretz Yisrael!! Baruch HaShem for this Pesach Sheini miracle!!

    According to Medrash Sefer Eliyahu, a man with the consonants K(Kaf), S (Sin), and R (Resh) followed by an (Aleph) which represents a vowel in his name will definitely according to R. Shimon Bar Yochai be the last gentile leader of the world before the Messianic Era commences. Prior to that statement Michael HaMalach himself said to Eliyahu HaNavi after he fell asleep in Be'er Sheva under a rotem tree that the last leader of the Erev Rav before Mashiach shows up would be a man whose name is T (Tav), R (Reish), M (Mem), L (Lamed), O (Aleph)= TRMLO. So according to the medrash Sefer Eliyahu TRMLO would rule and then if we had no merits SaRKO would rule. And then..... Watch the next 60 days (and the 60 day black fire in the rakia according to the Zohar 119a). What a 17th of Tamuz it will be this year!! French Jews will be pouring in by July. There will be 6 million Jews in Eretz Yisrael!! just as foreseen by Reb Shlomo Carlbach as he introduced the Crakow Nigun. In the end it is our only real merit, the merit of the pain and the agony of the 6 million. So as Reb Shlomo was davening at the Rema shul in Crakow closest to Auschwitz, he was humming a dirge (the first half of the nigun). And then he saw them, the 6 million, and they said, "Is this the way to Yerushalayim? Let's dance!"

    If you are not here yet, please come now and be one of the 6 million plus Jews in Eretz Yisrael by the three weeks!

    1. From your mouth to G-d's ears !

    2. Dov, why you think that Jews will leave France by having new president?

    3. Who is a man with KSRA and TRMLO?

    4. KSRA - Sarkozy
      TRMLO - Olmert

  3. There goes the Euro!!! 1.2975 American dollars per Euro and it has been barely four hours since Sarko conceded!! Novelty and more novelty, 60 days of continuous novelty.

  4. Bring on the Novelty ! It's about time the action started :)

  5. so we are at last 60 says read my blog


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