Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Segula for a Baby

The meaning of ''segula'' is a deed, object, or utterance that acts as a charm effecting spiritual or material benefits.  Do not think it is related to magic, it is a holy spiritual act and should be treated that way.

Now I'm going to tell you about a segula for a baby.
Photo: K. Rockman

I have known several people for whom this has had an almost immediate result!

It is the act of being ''kvatters'' at a bris - [kvatters are usually a husband-and-wife team]

The kvatters are a designated female and male who serve as messengers to bring the baby from the mother’s arms to the side of the room where the circumcision will be performed.

Many give this honor to a childless couple. It is considered a blessing for the childless couple, that in the merit of being the parents’ messengers, they will be blessed with a child of their own.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe explains that the connection of the body with G-d is cemented during the circumcision, and etched upon the body forever.  The ritual circumcision is considered greater than any other commandment, because it directly connects the physical body with G-dliness, in a revealed and eternal manner.  The messengers [kvatters] assist and escort the infant in this connection of the physical body with G-dliness.

Sources and references can be found here:  Chabad


Ed said...

A recent sefer on Shiluach HaKan by N. Weinberger lists numerous sources from Chazal that performing the mitzvah of Shiluach HaKan is a powerful segulah for children (and other blessings).


Anonymous said...

Please can anyone help me.. I need to say a Psalm of thankgiving to Hashem for a family member of mine who was in an accident this evening (not the his fault B'H and accept for some minor damage to his vehicle he is fine B'H),
I have tried searching many places even Chabad.
Is there a specific prayer or psalm one could say to thank Hashem.
Also about 14 people were in the collision, B'H, those who were injured were all minor injuries.
Devorah, forgive me, for using your blog this way, but i really want a prayer to say or a psalm to Hashem. I did personally turn to Hashem at once and did thank Hashem.

Devorah said...

See here: Specific Psalms

Anonymous said...

Baruch Hashem!
Todah Rabah Devorah!
Hashem bless you for all your kindness to me.. You replied at once. I have book marked that and before i could say the thanksgiving Psalm.. I had to thank you.

Thank you again.

May you and yours be always blessed.. Amen and Amen.


Anonymous said...

Psalm of thankgiving: psalm 100, 107
also, Prayer of thanks, on youtube, by R Lazer Brody

Anonymous said...

One more thing to add to this is that the woman who is the kvatter should go to the mikvah and keep the laws of family purity, and in that way she will be more likely to conceive a baby.