Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Believe it or Not

I can't seem to stay off my blog, there is always something that needs to be said.

The miracle of the Iranian missiles causing very little damage and not even one death was over-looked and over-shadowed by all the conspiracy theories.  People chose to believe the conspiracies rather than acknowledge the incredible miracle that occurred.

That is called AMALEK.  Anything that causes you to doubt Hashem's power and an open miracle is Amalek.

I expect morons on the internet to think it was a conspiracy because they don't understand how Hashem protects Israel, they don't understand miracles, and they think it must have been a set-up because there is no other rational explanation for how so many missiles were sent but they were all blocked by Israel's defense system.  

I didn't expect that some orthodox Israelis and other Jews around the world,  especially those who are awaiting Moshiach, to agree with the conspiracy theories and point the finger at the Israeli government, claiming it was a plot and the world had been fooled into thinking it was really an attack.

I think people have stopped believing in miracles. Even though we are in the MONTH OF MIRACLES.

The other thing that annoys me is that people say to me that it is IMPOSSIBLE to believe that a second solar system is passing us by,  and that the world would be knocked off it's axis etc etc.   

Let me tell you.... nothing is impossible if Hashem is doing it. Hashem can do whatever He wants, and even if you think it can't be possible..... it is possible.

I see things in a different way to a lot of you.... sometimes I think I just want to get off the internet completely because I seem to be talking a different language or something.... but conversely that is the reason why I need to be here.

Miracles are happening all around us.  Look at the comment I posted here about Dubai, and the sun being blocked and the sky turning green and the airport being flooded like a river.  When have you ever seen the sky turn green?   Answer: only when Napisiti is above.  Because Napisiti is green, just like Atu is purple and gives us purple skies and purple lightning.

I don't care if it's IMPOSSIBLE.  It's happening and Hashem is doing it, just like Hashem controlled the missiles from Iran.  

When you believe it, you will see it.    Hashem can do anything at all.


Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with people, especially frumme Jews to not believe, c'v, in Hashem and call it a conspiracy. But, there is a conspiracy theory now going on (which might be real) that this was something cooked up by the U.S. & Israel. The 'left' are working every which way for a number of reasons to 1) get rid of the pm and 2) trying for a 2-state solution, c'v. There's so much we don't know what's true and what's not because practically all govs in the western world are corrupted. Our Sages (chazal) tell us truth will be gone at the end of days.
We just need to hold on to our Emunah & Bitachon in HKB'H and all will work
out well, in the end, for Am Yisrael. Our time of Geulah will be here in a
blink of an eye!

Devorah said...

I try not to give an opinion on the Israeli government simply because I don't live there. Israelis understand their government better than anyone else does.

However, Hashem has seen fit to put Netanyahu in charge of Israel at this critical point in history and whatever is occurring is because Hashem wants it that way.

We are meant to be confused, and Moshiach will come during the chaos. I don't even want to consider the fact the Moshiach is not imminent.

Reading conspiracies about the Israeli government is just buying into lashon hara. Whether it's true, or not true.... only Hashem knows everything.

It's just sad that people have lost sight of a true miracle when it happens in their own backyard.

Rivkah H said...

An amazing miracle with more to come, please Hashem. R'Hajioff says to be careful not to speak loshon hora at your seder as we are at an opportune time. We should hear good news!

Anonymous said...

On top of everything else, that scarcely needs repeating, can we all just take a minute to reflect on the unfathomable pain in Am Yisrael right now. Fifty or more Jews who were at the Nova party have committed suicide, and more are institutionalised in psychiatric units. For many Pesach is a time of coming together with their loved ones, but for too many others, the chag only serves to higlight the tremendous pain and loss in their lives, whether pre-existing or on account of the matzav. So many new widows and orphans, and fifteen thousand families with severely injured members. Hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people in Israel who, unless Be"D we have the geula beforehand, will not be in their homes as well as of course the hostages who are being abused and tortured and the soldiers risking their lives, Hashem yishmor et kulam. Millions of people running to shelters. Others suffering secondary consequences, like having a heart attack on being told of their soldier son's death. Without even talking about the state of diaspora Jews. I don't understand the comments of complacency, that people are willing to wait another thousand years for Moshiach, or the focus on the solar system, or the conspiracies. This is so not where we are at.

We are supposed to believe that Moshiach can come TODAY, and we are supposed to be crying out for Moshiach. I have heard this in so many shiurim. Hashem will bring the geula when He wants, and He wants us to be waiting for the geula, and crying out for it. Tsipia and tsaaka. After everything, including the Iranian attack in chodesh hageula, if we are not crying out for the geula, what, Gd forbid, is it going to take?

The Yanuka said that we missed the geula on Purim. Now, just a few days before Pesach, we should be thinking only about bringing the geula immediately. This year, Be'D we will all be at Beit Hamikdash hashlishi with Moshiah, Be"D it will finally be the reality.

Only Moshiach Now

Devorah said...

I am actually just reading that article about the Nova suicides.

Why do you think we are NOT crying out for Geula?

I don't understand why you keep inferring that we are not begging for Geula?
What do you think we're doing?

Don't you understand that the solar system that is visible from earth is part of the Geula? Why do you think I'm blogging it?

Are we speaking the same language? because you don't understand me and I don't understand you continually telling us that we are not wanting Geula enough.

We all want it and that's why we are here, and on other blogs speaking about Geula. We are all suffering in different ways, and some have been suffering for many many years, begging Hashem for Moshiach and Geula. That has not changed.

Anonymous said...

Because I repeatedly see comments here and elsewhere that people are willing to wait, that Hashem will bring the geula when He wants (which is true, but it is said as if we have nothing to do with it, and just see back and wait) all the videos about waiting for Trump to return, etc, etc.

I try to follow kedoshei Yisrael, such as the Yanuka, Rav Dov Kook, Rav Meir Eliyahu, shlita. They all speak about the geula, about the centrality of aliya, of tsaaka. I have not seen the latter being emphasised, if mentioned at all, in the English speaking geula sphere.

I said that for some their suffering is pre-existing, not on account of the matsav, but for hundreds of thousands, if not more it is. It's a tsunami.

Only Moshiach Now

Devorah said...

Yes Hashem will bring the Geula when He wants, and we are all praying that it comes now and especially as we are in the month of Nissan.

But if it doesn't happen and G-d forbid worse things happen before Moshiach then we have no choice but to wait.

You should start your own blog and do what you want there, but as this is my blog I'll do what I feel is right, and I can assure you we all want Moshiach Now.

Dodeca said...

Devorah, you are doing a fantastic job; so many people benefit from your blog, including me. Keep it up during these trying but miraculous times. kol hakavod, Shlomo

Devorah said...

Thank you Shlomo.

Anonymous said...

Please continue your amazing blog! I look for you daily.. actually more often than I care to admit! Yes.. we are all waiting .. hoping.. and praying….We know Hashem hears our prayers! It’s very important to connect with like minded people during these very challenging times! Your blog brings so much light ! May we all welcome the geula soon.. Only Hashem knows the right time!! May it be soon.!!!

Gavriela Dvorah said...

Hashem Gadol!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your keeps me going as well...this year in Yerushalayim!

Myriam said...

Your blog has always gave so much chizouk,but right now it is so important ,because we feel the huge opportunity in the air .May we be living it this Nissan!

Anonymous said...

Science is also a form of religion as we saw during covid scam. We need to forsake all other belief systems and only believe in Hashem! thank you for all the interesting posts.

A yid eagerly waiting for Hashems geulah!

Rivkah H said...

We are seeing amazing things and we should continue to see more, including in the skies. Hashem should strengthen the writer of this blog and all its followers

Anonymous said...

And I think even Mashiach follows your blog when possible.
But he cannot act alone: He waits for Israel's teshuvah and and Hashem's command. He is simple, loving with ALL people, without distinction, especially the poorest and most vulnerable. He is similar to Hashem who loves everyone.
But he is obedient and needs to wait from ABOVE.
Let´s wait Israel go to teshuva and tefilah more and more.

Anonymous said...

Agree with April 18, 2024 at 3:00 AM ,

He/she is right.

Even talk of xtians did this or that, must stop.

As a lot of xtians of today can not be blamed for what was done by those long before they were even born. A lot of xtians are trying to do the right thing.

No one can judge anyone.. Hashem is the only one who knows all and Hashem created all.
I have read on other Jewish blogs, and daily newspapers, the not good things Jewish people too have done and many todaly too are being exposed, but people like to pass them of as erev rav, and sit back then, thinking thely are right.

Do not put anyone down, stop this putting those not Jews, down.

Hashem is the only Judge.