Thursday, May 19, 2016

Halos and Seasonal Anomalies

It was so hot the other day that when evening came around, the cicadas started singing.  This would not be surprising, except for the fact that here in Australia it is the autumn season, and cicadas normally do not sing at this time of year, as it is too cold.  Flowers that normally do not blossom in the winter are also confused and are growing nicely.  We all think it's summer, and obviously the plants and animals do too.

I mention this because I just watched Steve Olson's latest video, where he mentions this phenomenon worldwide.  You can safely watch the entire video except for the last 10 secs where he mentions JC. 

The video also begins with a photo of the halo around the sun [@0.25secs]....   It reminds me very much of the photo I blogged of the moon on Pesach [photo below]: the same colours around the clouds.  The moon is reflecting this giant halo around the sun..  The colours are from the various planets/bodies that are now being found near the sun.   If you're skeptical, I can promise you that the photos are not photo-shopped, I saw it with my own eyes,  and I urge you all to take a look at the moon regularly, especially now that it is getting to be full again, and you may also see this phenomenon.

Photo: Ross Thompson


Neshama said...

Extremely interesting. I must tell you that your autumn weather flew with the winds and clouds yesterday to us in Israel. We had a Fall drop in temps of 90's and 100's to a brisk autumn chill. This morning there are humongous clouds floating by and one needs a sweater or jacket. These clouds are seen more in the winter than summer. Reb Menachem says that Nibiru is "in front of the sun. I wonder which sun he is referring to. That may account for the halos seen all over the world.

Moriah said...

I can't think of the specific source right now but isn't there a phrase somewhere is Tanack that states when Redemption is about to occur the earth will produce its fruit in abundance?

Anonymous said...

"Roar will the sea and its fullness; exult will the field and everything that is in it. Then sing joyously will the trees of the forest before Hashem for He will have arrived to judge the earth...":

From the morning davening Pesukei D'Zimrah.