Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Messianic Process: Trump, The U.N. Gog & Magog

Tamar Yonah interviews Rabbi Mendel Kessin.

We are seeing so many things happen today at a quick pace. Obama, the Muslim US president – OUT, Trump, a more Judeo-Christian oriented man – IN. 

The United Nations is relabeling the Land of Israel as Islamic. Vladmir Putin has forces in Syria, PM Netanyahu is attacked on all sides inside and out of Israel, and the Jewish community of Amona is being destroyed. There is talk of the new U.S. President, Donald Trump (with his Jewish daughter and grandkids) being good for Israel, and then there is the dangerous and controversial Islamic emigration to the West. So — what do we make of all this? Is the stage being set for the Messianic age? 

Rabbi Mendel Kessin joins Tamar Yonah to talk about ‘The Messianic Process: Trump, The United Nations, and Gog and Magog’.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why Rabbi Kessin is dismissing the prophecies in Zecharia 14 and Yechezkel 39 regarding Gog uMagog, as if it is moot.

Devorah said...

Because negative prophecies are not definite occurrences - they COULD happen but not necessarily. A positive prophecy can be relied on, but not the negative ones. As Rabbi Kessin said, the Jews have done their tikkunim and suffering throughout the thousands of years and the Holocaust will not be repeated. That is what the Lubavitcher Rebbe also said. Gog u Magog does not need to be a violent or nuclear war against the Jews.

Rami said...

With all his heart Mashiach will protect Yisrael. But, do we see the repentance of Yisrael? No!
Do we see Yisrael taking full ownership of the land given by Hashem? No!
Do we see Yisrael respecting tzadikim? No! They are put in jail or evicted from the land.
You are unrealistically optimistic Rav Kessin! The Gog uMagog war is in the making.

Rami said...

With all the suffering starting on 13 September 2015, there are no signs of Yisrael to lean towards Hashem. People are stabbed, killed, but no repentance at collective level. Are there grounds to dismiss the great prophecies at the End of Days?

Rami said...

Amona, Azaria, Meir, Berland, are issues that polarised the country. And such polarisation means conflict. Hashem won't save a polarized Yisrael, the mission of the nation is related to unity in Hashem's vision for Yisrael and humanity.
Rav Kessin's discourse is in fact given hope to the sinful that they will be saved as well. Yisrael has to be purified like gold.
It's not surprising that we do really see the almost lost scholarship in the last generation before Mashiach. Rabanim misleading people to believe that they will step into olam haba easily taking with them their sinful behaviour. This isn't Am Yisrael, the nation of world priests! Take note!
Better prepare for war instead of relying upon the optimists of the day. The unrealistic promotion makes Yisrael weaker and produces victims.
The world is boiling fast. Take note!

Devorah said...

Rami: why should we believe you over a talmud chacham such as Rabbi Kessin? With all respect, you are just an anonymous commenter. Rabbi Kessin explained that the tikkunim and suffering have already taken place and Hashem is sending Moshiach, with Trump being the one who is ushering Him here, the Satan is dying and the world of lies is being exposed. We can all see that clearly.

Anonymous said...

I really want to believe what rabby Kessin has said. Leah

sc said...

Thank you Devorah for explaining it to Rami, and perhaps others.

The explanation That Rabbi Kessin gave, and that you to have again explained what the Rabbi said is so clear.

And yes..
The world of lies is disappearing.. B`H.. The world of Truth is coming in.. B`H..

This is making many of us .. Jews.. and lots of non-Jews too.. stronger and bringing us closer to Hashem, via, teshuva and all good deeds one can do..
Oh.. I am glad to be alive today.. it will be hard no doubt.. but its also the very close death of that horrid .. yetza hara.

Hashem bless the Jewish Nation..
Hashem bless all good peoples in this world.. Amen.

Mikki Freedman said...

Thank you Devora

Can the Jews mess up again like they did by chizkiyahu and sancheirev?

Anonymous said...

I would like to see everything go well for AM Yisrael. Last night, I listened to RAbbi Mizrachi's shiur that even when Moshiach comes, those who haven't yet repented will still have to go through suffering of all kinds. That is most of us, only some very few of us are tzadikim, and even the tzadikim are suffering in jail, for example. But I also want to see our enemies obliterated, and I believe this is by way of Gog uMagog as Hashem has said that He will be sanctified in front of everyone through the battle of Gog uMagog. How Israel will be affected is already described in the prophecies. I would take our neviim's words anytime over our current Rabbonim, with all due respect to them.

Anonymous said...

A divine trump would certainly be going on in this day and age, if it turns out that it is the false prophets who are the ones prophesying a bloodbath.

Because isn't that what most are anticipating, believing, and teaching? Rabbi Kessin comes along with a message of calm and peace while everyone else is crying "Peace? peace? But there IS no peace!" and as such, he sounds kind of nutty, flaky.

All those dramatic video productions of wars and death, horror and burning keep people fearful and in bondage to hopelessness.

Just a thought.

That would surely be a turn to the contrary.

Who would have thought America would have a hopeful, hardworking, dedicated servant brought in from the private sector as president? It's like when David was pulled in from the fields. God refused all the other "normal" candidates.

Uncle Sam[uel] to America, you got any other sons?

Anonymous said...

There are different opinions on the severity of this war. Rabbi Ullman did say there are those who say the Holocaust was it, and there are those who say it will be more severe, chas v'shalom. It all still depends on teshuva in Am Yisrael.

Anonymous said...

What's it saying about our faith, our beliefs, if we have to be threatened or actually 'hit' with punishment so that we Jews toe the line, so to speak. What's it all about, and what's it worth, if the majority just don't want to follow Jewish traditions and practice, observe so many mitvot, daven throughout the day, learn Torah, etc. The masses are not driven to commit 'real crime' for the most part, but maybe they find all the religious stuff boring, irrelevant, onerous. It's not as though most frum Jews - generalising here I admit - are such paragons of virtue anyway, not nowadays, and any better than the secular ones. If we are to do teshuva, it should be by our own volition, and from realisation of our sins and shortcomings, not by devastating punishments to beat us into 'belief' and submission. It didn't work in bygone times, or after the Holocaust, so why would another war between Gog and Magog fix spiritual deficiency now?

Anonymous said...

I believe it's to filter out the good from the bad. The actual population of the world will decrease tremendously after the war. Only good people will survive and it's not dependent on our physical garb and appearance. Rabbi Mizrachi has said this many times. Unfortunately there are many wicked people among the nations and among the Jews.

Anonymous said...

Gog & Magog -- Germania/Germany from the Midrash & Talmud Yerushalmi
Meshech - Mussia / Russia / Moscow both Talmud Yerushalmi & Bavli
Tuval - Turkey from the Midrash, both Talmud Yerushalmi & Bavli
Poras - Persia / Iran
Kush - African nations
Put - North African nations
Gomer - Africa or Germany

Ben Hur said...

All is in Hashem's hand for renewing the world in his grand design. We may not be able now to see a clear picture of what is to follow.
The only reliable sources are the prophecies. The Rabanim nowadays defer widely in their assessments of the development of geulah based on current events.
While Rav Kessin tends to ignore the doomsdays prophecies, other relevant chachamim see them as essential to cleansing Am Yisrael. Here we have Rav Mizrachi, Rav Anava, Rav Ben Artzi, and many more.
The lack of suffering of Am Yisrael in the End of Days doesn't make any sense. The present generation of Jews is much worse than the generation of shoah. Why Hashem would spare millions of Jews who don't follow Judaism? The historical past of the nation shows a clear pattern of Hashem's response to deviation of Yisrael from her mission.
People may be optimistic at personal level, but to believe more a current Rabbi than a prophet from the Tanach is nonsense. Rav Kessin is a respectable Talmud chacham, but in no way his optimistic views would invalidate the great Prophets of Judaism. They spoke what Hashem told them to say.

Devorah said...

Ben Hur: you ask why would Hashem spare millions of Jews who don't follow Judaism.... well a large percentage of those Jews just don't KNOW, they are referred to as Tinok Shenishbah - and something else to think about is that not every orthodox Jew is necessarily a spiritual person, and an unorthodox Jew can still be very spiritual. Only Hashem knows what is really in a person's heart, we cannot judge anyone on face value.
My understanding of things is that when Moshiach comes, everyone will be on the spiritual level they reached prior to His coming. There will be no chance for a Jew to climb any higher on the spiritual ladder, and there will be no more new converts. In this way, everyone will be on the level they are, whatever that level is.
I don't have all the answers, but I do tend to follow the Lubavitcher Rebbe who said there will be no more major wars after WW2. This concurs with Rabbi Kessin. I'm not sure what Rabbi Anava or Rabbi Mizrachi have said about this so I can't comment on that.
Meanwhile all I am seeing in the world is absolute turmoil because of Donald Trump. Whatever we may think of him, whether we love him or hate him, there is no doubt that he is having a MAJOR impact on everything.

Anonymous said...

Devorah, since you mentioned Donald Trump, I have to share my gut feeling, a binah yeseirah. I think Hashem is preparing the Jews to what it will be like when Moshiach comes -- TURMOIL! Mr. Trump is actually a good side of Edom as Rav Kessin hints. However, even with such good intentions, he is hated by the reshaim of Edom and Yishmael. Imagine when Moshiach, who is the representative of the true good, emes, comes, how much more worse will it be. I have a feeling, even the religious Jews may oppose him. I think Hashem is preparing the world for that transition.

Devorah said...

R Nir ben Artzi just said there will be no WW3 see latest message