Thursday, July 20, 2017

Gog Umagog WW3- The Final Showdown : How Will It All Go Down

Rabbi Yehoshua Zitron, Part 8 in his Moshiach series


David Matlaw said...

Very interesting - but, speaks ridiculously fast. It's a little overwhelming keep up.

Neshama said...

The speaker insists this is “learning” and should be treated seriously, but the overwhelming amount of information is impossible to digest, which impedes deep concentration and "real learning”. That is not to say its not interesting, because it is, especially as he has updated his collection of information.

Anonymous said...

Don't think his intention was to teach real learning (like in a yeshiva). He is trying to give the basic teachings in our Torah and of our Sages on what will likely transpire at this time in history and what to expect and that, hopefully, will lead many to doing teshuvah, as this is what H' wants, so we can all merit the blessings of Olam Habah, when everyone will know there is only H'.
May it come speedily with great mercy!

Neshama said...

I think David (the first commenter above) said it succinctly.
Each of the prophecies enumerated would easily require a week of discussion to understand their meaning, what is implied, as well as to reflect that against what we are living through now.

But this is not to discourage anyone from listening to the speaker who seems to feel he is doing a great service to his listeners and viewers. It might be a good idea to stop the video periodically and compile a list of his sources so one could look them up and study them quietly.