Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Continued Attacks on President Trump

Rabbi Mendel Kessin: latest shiur

and the latest from the Derech Hashem series: Realities of Creation Part 1: The Realm of God

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Anonymous said...

Between the Constituent Assembly ending up a huge success despite global propaganda and violent protests in Venezuela, Russia kicking out 755 American diplomats, Israel creating stronger ties with India, Mexico creating stronger ties with China, Europe continuing to forge ahead with minimal American help, and the realization that any regime change in Syria is looking grim, I think it's safe to say the United States, with or without Trump, is a sinking ship at this point. Trump has been POTUS for six months and hasn't succeeded in doing all that much except exchange a few of his staff amid petty media scandals. It's not "them" who are attacking him, it's the entire geopolitical environment. American hegemony is slowly dying and be'ezrat HaShem may it die soon. Klal Yisrael does not need America.