Friday, January 12, 2018

The Message of the Mud

HT: Creed of Noah

Regarding the mud-slides in California.... what is the message we can garner from all this?  Perhaps this chassidic story can give us some insights. 

There were two brothers, one a wealthy magnate, the other a pauper but a G‑d-fearing person. When the poor brother’s daughter was of marriageable age, he wended his way to his rich brother to ask him for assistance with the wedding expenses. The rich fellow was happy to see his brother again, and invited him to a lengthy tour of his palatial home.

After a while, though, the poor brother got tired of it, and asked his brother to cut it short.

The latter couldn’t understand: In the future we will be allowed to eat it“Don’t you enjoy the exquisite beauty of every corner of my house?”

“There is a creature,” replied the other, “that wallows in the mud all day. If you ask it what it wants, all it can think of is, ‘More mud!’

“You, too, are sunk in the ‘mud’ of material pleasures, and all you want is more ‘mud’ and more possessions, instead of focusing on the truly important things in life.”

Source: Pigs and Judaism


Anonymous said...

When we believe that global warming is from Hashem, then it will change. The weather is based on our middot and our ben adam l'chavero.

Anonymous said...

Global warming is all nonsense and yes, the standards are very very low and the jews in america are lost and wallowing in the mud all day while destroying our communities and destroying the family and Judaism! !!
It is time to stop playing in the mud and clean ourselves out and rebuilt our standards on good ground and less materialistic and lustful ideologies