Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Foundation of the Entire Torah

"He trusted in Hashem, and He considered this for him as an act of righteousness" [Lech Lecha 15:6]

Why, asked the Chofetz Chaim, was Avraham's trust in Hashem considered "righteousness" - as though it was something above and beyond what was demanded of him?  After all, Avraham fulfilled every commandment in the Torah; what was so unique about his trust in Hashem?

We see from here, answered the Chofetz Chaim, that trust in Hashem is more than just another mitzvah - rather, it is the foundation of the entire Torah.

To what can this be compared?  To a man drowning in the sea who suddenly sees a tree extending from the shore.  Which part of the tree will he attempt to grab? Not the branches, for they can easily be broken; rather, he grabs hold of the roots.

So too, concluded the Chofetz Chaim, is trust in Hashem.  Trust in Hashem is comparable to the sturdy roots of a tree, which serve as a foundation and a base for the entire tree.

by Rabbi Yisrael Bronstein
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Hiker Survives Desert Ordeal Thanks to 'Miracle' Rain

Sixty-four-year-old Ed Rosenthal of Los Angeles shocked rescuers last week when he was found alive after six days in the desert with little food or water. He spoke to the media this week after several days of recovery in the Hi-Desert Medical Center in Joshua Tree.

Rosenthal finished the last of his water on the first day he was lost, but was later able to drink some rainwater. He told reporters that the rain fell immediately after he had prayed for rain.

"There was definitely a miracle... My conclusion is that G-d is real. Really, I have to tell you. G-d is real," he said.

He also recalled reciting the Shema Yisrael prayers, "Hear O Israel, the Lord our G-d, the Lord is One", an affirmation of belief  which Jews traditionally say three times daily, and also declare before death. He saw a "white tunnel," he said, but then decided that he was not ready to die.

Full story at: Israel National News

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