Sunday, October 31, 2010

Torah Codes: 5771: Atomic Threat, Bin Laden, Yemen and Geula

Yesterday a plane carrying an explosive device from Yemen, headed for the United States, was intercepted in Britain. [Full story here]

Interestingly, Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson uploaded some new videos just 4 days prior to this: some new Torah Code discoveries which show that the words Yemen, Bin Laden, and atomic are encoded together.  In Video #4 of this series, Rabbi Glazerson shows that this year, 5771, is potentially the year of Geula (Redemption).

The four videos appear below:

A longer video on this subject by Rabbi Glazerson can be seen at Torah Anytime


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're writing about the Redemption again.

Your blog continues to inspire.


DrM said...

sweet devorah!!!

thanks for much for this post, i am going to sell my house, leave my business head to haaretz awaiting the geula! thank you


Devorah said...

JEOD: Thanks.

DrM: Take me with you !