Thursday, October 28, 2010

Past Life Sins

QUESTION: I don't feel responsible for whatever wrong I might have done in a previous life. I am not exactly the person I was in a previous life. How can I be responsible for that other person's deeds? I also say that my free will is reduced by the fact that there is a history that I am not aware of that weighs on my soul and that also is contrary to Torah.
ANSWER: You make a good point about not being responsible for whatever wrong may have been done in a previous life. You are not. Similarly, if, for example, you were a woman in a previous life and now you’re a man, you cannot say, “Well, I refuse to do mitzvot that only a man does.” What you were in the past is irrelevant now. We can only go by what we are now, even if we actually know for a fact some circumstance of a previous life (and certainly if we only surmise it). In that regard, what you do or who you were in a previous life is inconsequential.

Nevertheless, the Vilna Gaon writes [Commentary on Jonah]:

“The main thing [to keep in mind is that the purpose of reincarnation] is to effect the repair of a [negative] influence originating in a previous lifetime... [One way] to discern exactly what that negative influence is is to reflect upon the type of wrong your soul yearns after the most in this lifetime. That which you yearn after most is likely something you became habituated to in a previous life. And therefore pay attention to your vices. [They tell you exactly what you have to work on in this lifetime.] ...The main thing is to repair that which one stumbled in in a previous [life] ... How can one know what one stumbled in during a previous life? ... [Pay attention] to that particular sin one’s soul longs for greatly (for it was emblazened into the soul as a habit in the previous life). That’s why some people are drawn after one type of sin more than another. And that’s also why our Sages say that one must continually judge himself and weigh his actions..."

Note the subtle difference here between culpability and character improvement (tikkun). Consider yourself not responsible for any sins you may or may not have done in a previous life, if you even had one (and/or know about it). Nevertheless, since in principle, at least, a previous life may be impacting on your present life circumstance pay attention to your vices. Rather than limiting your free will, this information can, in theory, help it. For instance, you may feel you have no chance to overcome your lust for cheeseburgers. You may tell yourself you were born with this lust. It’s genetic. You feel you have no free will to oppose it. Every time you pass a McDonald’s you have to go in there and order a Big Mac.

However, if you take the Vilna Gaon’s teaching to heart, you may then come to realize that, although you are not now responsible for the sin of eating cheeseburgers in a previous life, you have this great lust as an opportunity for tikkun. Had it been just a regular lust for cheeseburgers your overcoming it may not be metaken (fix) the original weakness emblazoned into your soul. You don’t want this weakness when you are given your place in Eternity. So you were sent back here for the opportunity of eliminating the weakness; indeed, turning it into a strength. Overcoming this extra-powerful lust in this world turns your soul into a “body-builder’s” soul; perhaps even a “Mr. Universe” soul. It’s now stronger than it ever was. In any event, the point is that knowledge or even intuition about a past life can be a powerful aid to free will in this life.

Granted, it can theoretically create the opposite effect. A person may think, for example: What the heck; I’ll get it right in the next life. Or: If I didn’t get it right in the past what’s the point in trying in this life etc. The latter fear is the reason I believe the doctrine was restricted to Kabbalah, which ideally is reserved for select individuals of a higher spiritual standing to begin with.


Moriah said...

I clicked the link and in my reading and clicking links I found this. I thought you might like it:

Choni said...

It's not perfectly clear to me that we're not the same people we were in a past life. I've seen Rabbi Yehudah Lieb Ashlag compare the many bodies a soul reincarnates into many garments worn by the soul. So from this perspective, it seems to be the very same soul identity returning to earth and each time wearing a new set of clothing. What do you think of this?

Devorah said...

I agree it's the same soul with a new set of clothing, and also a new set of circumstances. The person you may have been married to in a previous life, could now be your daughter, for example.
But I guess those are things we are not really meant to know, but it helps to understand why certain things happen, as nothing occurs without a reason.

Choni said...

I sometimes wonder whether it would actually be better for us to know some events from our past lives, provided it's relevant. I think it can teach us what not to repeat and on the positive side what to do. Strangely, the only past life flashback I have had to date seems to shed no light on improving my present life. I'm left wondering why I had it when I'm sure that there are plenty of other possible past life memories that I could have actually done something nice with. Still even without being privy to the "why", I'm thankful that G*d gave me the gift of showing me that I was here before.

Devorah said...
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