Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Holtzberg's First Gavriel Noach

At an emotional bris ceremony in Crown Heights, the Holtzberg family welcomed their first baby named after Rabbi Gabi OBM.

A baby boy born last week to Shmuel and Devorah Spielman of Crown Heights was named Gavriel Noach after the child's uncle.

While hundreds of Lubavitch and Jewish parents around the world have named their newborns in memory of the slain Shluchim in Mumbai Rabbi Gabi and Rivky Holtzberg, this is the first in the family itself.

Devorah is Gabi's sister, and her baby was the first boy born into the Holtzberg family since the horrific terror attack which claimed their lives and 6 others in the Chabad House in India's capital.

In attendance at the emotional bris ceremony were the baby's grandfathers, Rabbi Nachman Holtzberg and Rabbi Yosef Baruch Spielman.

More photos at: COL Live

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Love this family - hard to forget the pain too. Mazal Tov - Harbeh Osher!