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How To Pray

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from the writings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

Another person's prayers are more effective than when one prays for himself. Even a Tzaddik requires the prayers of others.

When you pray for your friend - even though you require the very same thing - G-d will answer your needs first.

The prayers of an individual will not be heard unless he prays with an attentive heart. But the prayers of the congregation will be listened to even if everyone does not pray wholeheartedly.

It is a mitzvah to wear respectable clothing while praying.

A person's fortune can be changed through prayer.

G-d listens to the prayers of those who trust in Him.

Before starting to pray, give charity and bind yourself to the Tzaddikim of the generation.

Whatever you need - big or small - pray for it.

Pray only in a place that has windows.

Stealing or embarrassing one's neighbour prevents a person's prayers from being heard.

The Sabbath and New Moon are particularly propitious times for elevating prayers.

When your prayers are accompanied by tears, they will be accepted.

When asking G-d for something, mention the merit of your forefathers.

You should pray that there be peace in the city in which you live.

When a sick person tearfully prays for himself, G-d will heal him and accept his prayers.

The prayers of the person who has made some vow will not be accepted until he fulfills his pledge.

When a person brings joy to the Tzaddik, his prayers will be heard.

In reward for remaining silent when disgraced, G-d will answer your requests.

When a person prays for his neighbour, G-d will increase his prosperity twofold.

When a person is humble, G-d will fulfil his prayers even if he prays only in thought. A humble person's prayers will not be rejected.

Certain prayers are accepted Above only after sufficient money, equivalent to the number of letters in the appropriate prayer, is given to charity. For example, when a person prays "Give me children", he must contribute a sum equal to the letters of these very words.

When the masses pray together, their prayers are more effective than when they pray in separate places.

A person with enemies finds it difficult to concentrate while praying.

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