Friday, February 24, 2017

Trappist 1 - Nibiru - Kochav Yaakov

Yesterday NASA disclosed their discovery of  ''7 Earth Sized Planets Orbiting a Dwarf Star'' .

The planets orbit a dwarf star named Trappist-1, about 40 light-years, or 235 trillion miles, from Earth. That is quite close in cosmic terms, and by happy accident, the orientation of the orbits of the seven planets allows them to be studied in great detail.

I believe that is semi-fake news.  Those seven planets are pretty much identical to the orbs that we have been seeing in the sky for a long time now, which would make them a lot closer than 40 light years.

As far as I'm concerned, those seven planets are the ''seven moons'' orbiting Nibiru - the Kochav Yaakov - as described by Rabbi Moshe Cordovero.  

I'm not the only one who thinks this is actually the Nibiru system. ''And, strangely enough, they look like planets we have been photographing close to earth!''  See video below.


Devorah said...

Anyone in Israel who is interested in attending this: hopefully it will be recorded and subtitles available for the internet: H/T
The Absolute Truth blog

Rabbi Yuval Ovadia Removes all doubts
The star is approaching : All the latest discoveries and photographs
With the participation of Rabbi Yehudah Yosef Shlit.
Chen Palaces, King Solomon, 29, of Bnei Brak
Saturday night 02/25/17, At 20:20 I NIS 7 entry fee, to cover expenses.

Heshvangrl said...

half truths in baby spoon size doses! NASA can't be trusted interesting if you check their previous 'Big' findings they always bring them in early New years mid February..maybe to make some kind of psychology impact?but when have they care in first place?..we can only rely in HaShem and try to connect the dots

Neshama said...

Did you see what I wrote: 7 Earth Sized Planets Discovered. But you should see the google graphic, it's so cute!
Shabbat Shalom

Devorah said...

Just saw it Neshama. Why are they telling us now?

Neshama said...

Maybe because they know Nibiru and the Seven are very very close, and some have started going into their bunkers? Binyamin said it won’t help them. Because America is a gonner! Maybe it also has something to do with the tremendous lake of molten carbon beneath half of America? I wrote about it on my blog (before someone else did). You’ve got to see the map, it’s more than gigantic. Hashem Yishmor.

Neshama said...

I think Binyamin said that they started going in their bunkers. Not sure who that includes. The "Os" are still roaming around.Therefore Nibiru IS close. The half fake news might be that Trappist is that far from our solar system, but Nibiru and the Seven are much closer. And I agree they do look familiar. A green orb, a blue orb, a multi color orb, and a red orange orb., others im not sure of. We shall find out. The really bizarre and weird weather is increasing and we can tell how close from that.

Binyamin also said the earths core was heating up. We know it's hot already, but heating up sounds catastrophic. Imagine all openings in the earths core erupting and spitting out stuff. Did you read about the molten carbon under the surface that covers almost HALF of America? I posted on that too. Scary! It's near Oroville, and is under Yellowstone. More scary.

As it is with an illness, you watch the symptoms for changes in the illness.

Devorah said...

Neshama: I don't believe for one minute that ''Ámerica is a gonner''. If that was the case, we wouldn't be seeing Trump and the revival of America. I believe in everything that Rabbi Kessin has theorized, because it is making perfect sense to me. The fear of destruction is just a way of making people do Teshuva. But whatever the case, I guess we don't have much longer to find out who is right.

Devorah said...

What Rav Yuval Ovadia said about Nibiru yesterday in Bnei Brak