Friday, May 14, 2021

Know What to Answer

In the face of the world's animosity towards Israel, here are the answers you need to know:

[I don't know who wrote this, but it's worth sharing]

Here are a few accusations and brief explanations. 

“Israel forcibly removed residents of Sheikh Jarrah”: 

This is a neighbourhood in East Jerusalem, with a population predominantly of Palestinians. No one has been evicted. There has been an ongoing court case (over 30 years!) between homeowners and tenants over rent evasion. To date, the final judgment of the Israeli High Court has been postponed. Also see Israel's Critics are Right:Sheikh Jarrah Exemplifies the Arab-Israeli Conflict

“Israel has commandeered the Al-Aqsa Mosque”: 

Not true. The Al-Aqsa Mosque is built on the holiest site in Judaism – the Temple Mount. Despite this, Israel gave administrative control of it to the Islamic Waqf, while Israel maintains security control. The Waqf doesn’t permit Jews to pray on the Temple Mount. Israel did not take over here, nor did it threaten to. The IDF does bear the responsibility to ensure the safety of all citizens and broke up violent demonstrations in the vicinity of Al-Aqsa. As for that burning tree a few metres from the mosque, that was ignited by Palestinian fireworks aimed at Israelis. Media footage spliced the burning as a backdrop to Yom Yerushalayim celebrations, hence confusion. 

“Israel’s response is disproportionate”: 

Israel is doing its utmost to protect innocent lives on both sides. For example, it sends out advance warnings and uses "Roof Knocking" to allow civilians to evacuate before it takes out military targets. This courtesy, or anything remotely similar, is not reciprocated. Israel is under attack and its first obligation is the safety of its citizens. 

“Israel maintains an illegal occupation of Gaza”: 

In 1967, Israel was simultaneously attacked by Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon. Miraculously, Israel emerged victorious and opted to return most of the land, via brokered peace deals. In 2005 Israel evacuated from Gaza, forcibly removing 8,000 Jews from their homes. The hope was that Gaza would become a peaceful Palestinian state. There is no Israeli presence in Gaza. 

“Disturbing photos of the dead flood my newsfeed”: 

Death of the innocent is tragic. Yet view images critically - there is a regular use of fake or doctored photos beamed out about those from Gaza. Do a reverse google search, more often than not, those pictures are actually from Syria. 

“Jewish mobs have done terrible things to Palestinians”: 

There have been a small number of instances over the past week involving unlawful actions by a small number of Jews. The Israeli government does not condone this, the justice system is robust and those perpetrators have been arrested. 

Remember: Knowledge is power. Remain proud and informed Jews who stand strong! The above reflections have merely scratched the surface. Israel is not culpable. This is your homeland; your people. In the past, we have seen the darkest of days. Israel has a right to defend itself. 

Finally there are things we can do, no matter how distant we are geographically. The Torah teaches us (and history has repeatedly demonstrated to us) that the physical protection of each one of us – and, indeed, our very collective destiny! – is intrinsically connected to our spiritual activism. When we pray or dedicate a good deed to our brothers and sisters in Israel, we create a spiritual defence shield for them that will help them through difficult and dangerous times.


Unknown said...

I commend you for this. I frequently get into arguments about Israel and Jews. Here are some allegations against us. 1.the Naqba was traumatic for Palestinian Arabs who were forced to flee their homes by Israelis.
Response. I am not surprised.It was equally traumatic for the nearly 850,000 Mizrachi Jews who were forced to flee their homes and properties in many Arab countries simply because they were Jews. And not all Palestinians were forced to flee. Many did so willingly because they wlere told to do so by invading armies who told them they could have their dead Jewish neighbors homes after they killed them.
2. No Jews ever lived in East Jerusalem.
Response. In 1915, the Ottoman Pasha forced Jews to flee Jerusalem so he could make the region more Islamic. 7000 had to leave homes and businesses behind to flee North or into Egypt. Who do you suppose got their homes? In 1917, they did the same to the Jews living in Tel Aviv. All 4000 of them.

3. Why can't the Jews stop persecuting the Palestinians?

Response: It is actually the Palestinians who had no tolerance for the minority Jews and they were fearful of Jews gaining power and economic strength. Hence the 1922 Hebron Massacre and Jerusalem riots of 1933-1938.
4. My favorite idiotic pcomment. Israel is an apartheid state.

My response. No it isn't. Palestinians have access to the same education, healthcare, jobs as Israelis and can vote, run for office and live where they want. They are not denied opportunities the way South African Blacks were. They simply choose hate over cooperation.

5. Arabs never treated the Jews poorly.
Not true. Many were called Dimmis second class citizens and had to pay Jew taxes as protection. They attended different schools and did not have access to the same economic opportunities or jobs. You could say that they suffered in Apartheid Arab states.

My own question to antisemites: Why do Arabs/Moslems insist that Jews treat them better than they treated us? Let them answer that if they dare! Diaspora Ro!

Joe said...

More helpful info from Aussie Jews with Daniel on the ground insights.

The world media is a major cause for the fake news together with false Fakestinian propaganda.

Heartfelt prayers for HaShem's protection over Am and Eretz Yisrael.

HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

Devorah, thank you for your constant support from Australia.

Just a reminder that the "Sheikh Jarrah" neighborhood is originally and really Shimon haTzaddik (and I think it wasn't always just a small area within the Arab neighborhood, as the article you linked to states.).

The stop on the Jerusalem light rail here is called Shimon haTzaddik.

There's a lot more, but I'll stop here.

Daniel Grad said...

Mashiach will come after the fall of Yishmael only. All the current events are part of this scenario.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Now that Sarah Silverman officially wants a divorce from the Jewish people in Eretz Yisrael, perhaps we should stop explaining matters to the 80% of non-frum Jews who agree with her? Maybe now is a time for a clean break? Bring in Jews like Mark Levin and Stephen Miller, Trump's #1 former speech-writer. Kiruv might work very well on them. The Leftist Jews who are with Sarah? It might not be worth the kiruv invite for Friday night dinner.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

As far as my previous comment is concerned, I am willing to be convinced otherwise.

On another matter, about Shimon HaTzaddiq, I posted the following on Facebook.
Shimon HaTzaddiq was NOT just another High Priest during the 2nd Temple. He personally welcomed Alexander the Great to Jerusalem, gave him the "key to the City", showed him where in Sefer Daniel 8:4-6 the rise of Alexander against the Persians is predicted, and convinced Alexander NOT to place an idol in the Temple by promising to name every newborn Jewish boy Alexander for a year. So because of Shimon HaTzaddiq, Alexander or Xander or Sender is NOW a Jewish name!

And he received the Oral Torah from the Men of the Great Assembly and passed it on to Antigonos of Sokho.