Monday, May 10, 2021

Another Brick in the Wall

Thanks to Rahel for transcribing this:

"The Chofetz Chaim brings down an idea that the Mashiach asks 'Who would like to donate to the construction of the Third Temple.' 

What Jew wouldn’t wish to have his name on even one brick? Many would rush to donate. 

The Chofetz Chaim says, 'I can give you a way to donate right now!' 

Every word, every sentence which avoids loshon ha’ra emplaces a brick to build the Heavenly Temple.

'That is the End,' says the rabbi. 

With that begins the descent of the Heavenly Temple into the physical world. From there, the shechina goes out into the entire world and ends this nightmare called “galus”—exile."

--R.Mendel Kessin from "Hashkafa of Tragedy in Meron"

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Rahel F Adye said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful excerpt. Shabbat shalom.