Friday, May 14, 2021

That Number 45

A few more 45's I've noticed, for those who are interested. [See 45 is the number of Geula]

In Hebrew, 45 is מה  - in the soul  מה is the trait of self-nullification. It is the primary tool for peace and unity.  [Source Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh]

Each missile launched from Gaza costs $45,000. [Source]

Count 45 days from the Meiron tragedy [L'ag B'omer] and you end up on Gimel Tamuz.


moshiachnow said...

אחד= 13
לב אחד = 45
(Heard from a talk by Rabbi Daniel Travis)

Joshua manevitz said...

$45,000 was the cost at the time of each Iron Dome missile meaning our cost not the Arabs .

Anonymous said...

What does Gimmel Tamuz tell you?

Devorah said...

It doesn't necessarily tell me anything, it just happens to be 45 days after Meiron. It was the day Joshua stopped the sun setting so the Israeli's could win the battle before Shabbat. [obviously also the yarzheit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe]

Unknown said...

45 Donald Trump

Devorah said...

See: The 45 Days

SKG said...

I recently listened to a lecture about the birthing process of Mashiach based on a Zohar in Parshat Balak about Bilaam’s prophecy about the Jewish people and the contributions from the father and mother. There are deeply related mystical concepts about shapes of Hebrew letters and the sephirot.

‎45 = מה = the power of Chochma = the father and the power of the infinite in birth. It is a measure that represents the flow of the infinite from the nothingness of concealed Chochma that becomes concentrated in Binah where it can expand. Binah has an aspect rooted in the Keter/crown and energy flow from the Ein Sof.

45 = the letters “yud hey vav hey” filled with the letter aleph. The expansion/measure of the aleph is the measure of the 6 sides of the emotions and all of them are unified in this letter - echad. These are the emotions in yamim rishonim- early days of pregnancy when it is in a fetus state before the pregnancy is noticeable

The shape of the letter aleph is an upper and lower “yud” with a diagonal “vav” down the center. The yud on top is the Ohr Ein Sof - Chochma looking toward the infinite - and the lower yud is Binah which is a branch/geza of Yishai - looking upward and carrying Hashem down into every element of the passageway of life. The line in the middle is a diagonal vav (letter of truth) capturing the Ohr Ein Sof with the actual creation.

This sounds very abstract but I believe it ties into the birth of MBD which will bring a new consciousness of the Ein Sof - proof of God’s existence - to the Jewish people. Why we have to endure suffering and why certain people are in the wrong place at the wrong time is beyond the dimension of human comprehension.