Thursday, May 6, 2021

Rabbi Kessin: Tragedy in Meron and Why Moshiach Isn't Here

 Audio from Rabbi Mendel Kessin - given 5/3/21


Devorah said...

This shiur is brilliant. I now completely understand why the crush occurred after the singing of Ani Ma'amin. Everything ties in, Rabbi Kessin has explained it all perfectly for me.

Devorah said...

It is ironic that I had to delete two comments already from this post.

If you listen to this entire shiur, you will come away with a resolve to NEVER speak Lashon Hara again. You will understand why LH is holding back the Moshiach.

For the first comment I deleted, it was unclear whether it even belonged on this post, or whether the author had meant it to comment on a different post. [this happens quite often by the way] It was complaining about language used, and it was slightly offensive. I did not know who the commmenter was actually referring to: was it me, or was it Rabbi Kessin? Anyway, I found nothing in the shiur that matched the complaint from the commenter, and so I deleted it.

The second comment was aimed at an Israeli politician and it was very abusive towards that person. I do not know that person, and I do not know Israeli politics, but again it contained Lashon Hara. [apart from the fact that it was off topic]

The very thing that this shiur is emphatically emphasizing AGAINST, immediately appeared here in the commments.

So in short, can people PLEASE examine what comes out of their mouths, or their keyboards, and make an extreme effort to cease all lashon hara... because it is preventing the coming of Moshiach.

And if you want to get a message across, it is better to do so tactfully and with respect rather than with emotional yelling and inadvertent [or deliberate] abuse.

Basya said...

thank you Devorah!!!

Devorah said...

Leah said...

When I heard all the lashon hara and slander and character assassination coming from the Knesset, I knew that it was a bad omen for Am Yisrael.
And I thought the Meron tragedy would stop it. Well, it was stopped. For less than one day.Lashon hara is bringing a disaster upon Am Yisrael!!
Hashem Yerachem!!!

Unknown said...

Everything will be fine.

The vast majority of Jews are really really good.

Anonymous said...

Unknown @4:03 pm - you are right! Am Yisrael (Yiddishe neshamot) are all good. The bad policies and evil rules, regulations, etc. come from those in power, not the people and cause all the chaos and confusion which leads to the insanities which bring strife and disunity and then usually brings disaster, c'v.