Monday, November 21, 2011

Perfect Timing

COUSINS Maya Gray and Isaac Bushell timed their grand entry into this world perfectly, right down to the minute.

Both were born at 7.55am on Saturday, in Peninsula Private Hospital, weighing almost exactly the same.

Mums Stacey Bushell, 32, and Kylie Liddicoat, 27, who are sisters-in-law, were amazed by the coincidences.

Both were second children for the women, and both came early, with Maya weighing in at 3.52kg, while Isaac was close behind at 3.49kg.

Midwife Judith Lane said she had been running between their neighbouring rooms during the births.

"As soon as Maya was born I raced into the other room and Isaac was just being placed on his mother's chest," Mrs Lane said.

"Occasionally babies are born at the same time, but for it to happen with cousins is amazing, it blew us away, it's a bit freaky."

Source: Herald Sun


Anonymous said...

why do you post pictures of woman on a jewish blog that you know caters to men especialy of a woman not dressed tzniusdig

Devorah said...

I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out. If you think that photo is "untznius" and unsuitable, you probably shouldn't be logging on to any site on the internet. It's a harmless photo of two mothers with their babies.

Devorah said...

Anyway.... I will crop it, and then hopefully you'll focus your attention on the babies instead of the mothers.

Devorah said...

And while we're on the subject..... this is actually a women's blog. I don't know why so many men read it, but I appreciate all of you doing so. [Sorry about all the pink, guys.... I never expected to have so many readers.... and it's always been my blog, independent and therefore able to print truth without having to answer to anyone with an agenda]

Finrod said...


I am a man and I love this blog! I also certainly do not think the picture was "untzniusdig" the way it was before. People need to relax and you make a very valid point about the internet in general. If anything, the poster above should write complaints to websites like JPost which tend to have ads that really might be problematic.

Regardless, the anonymous poster should take a tip from Akiva at Mystical Paths by reading his great post about the literal absence of images of women in the Jewish world:

Devorah said...

Thanks Fin.....